Can media coverage build an online business? You bet it can!

Written by David Leonhardt

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8. If you are running a contest, placing a new interactive program on your site, winning an award, taking donations for a charity or doing anything noteworthy online, it is of interest inrepparttar offline world. The media can act as a funnel for people who spend less time than you and I do in front of a computer screen.

9. Inrepparttar 124460 mainstream media, you are trustworthy. If they see it on TV or inrepparttar 124461 newspaper, people believe it. (Funny, they SAY they don't trustrepparttar 124462 media, but their actions speak louder.) Since web marketing is about relationships and trust (That is your strategy, right?), you can build that relationship with people who are only now getting online or who may not even be online for another couple years. Byrepparttar 124463 time they are ready to buy from you,repparttar 124464 relationship has already begun because they have carried your offline credibility (that'srepparttar 124465 biggest value of media coverage) with them ontorepparttar 124466 Internet.

10. Inrepparttar 124467 mainstream media, you are real. I know many people who still don't buy anything online. They simply do not trust someone they cannot see. Sure, you might be honest, but how do they know? You could disappear intorepparttar 124468 ether tomorrow. While bricks-and-mortar stores can close just as fast, there is an impression that they are more real and more permanent. You can increase your realness and permanence through a media presence, and thereby increase your customer base.

Media relations is not always easy and not everyone can make it. You have to have something interesting to tell and have a creative way to make it newsworthy. But it is a low-cost way to drive traffic to your web site. And you may not need to get ontorepparttar 124469 front page of USA Today to succeed. You may simply want a mention in a few niche magazines where your targeted traffic can be found.

So if you don't likerepparttar 124470 idea of being a million entries down on a web search, or even 60 entries down, consider a low-cost, effective alternative repparttar 124471 media. Withrepparttar 124472 right angle, media relations and publicity can expand your traffic faster than search engines.

After a decade and a half as one of Canada's top consumer advocates, often conducting over 600 media interviews each year, David Leonhardt is sharing his knowledge with others. Pick up a copy of his special report "Get In The News!" at

Offline Advertising Ideas for Your Web Site

Written by Alan Grissett

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isrepparttar posting of Web sites' addresses on vehicles. This could work especially well for commuters or people who spend a lot of time in their car. Just byrepparttar 124459 amount of time spent driving in a single week, a site's address could be shown to thousands of potential customers. A site's address could be printed on bumper stickers, license plate frames, or even metallic decals (likerepparttar 124460 ones car dealerships sometimes stick onrepparttar 124461 back of cars). The actual domain name used should be chosen carefully though, so take your time in deciding what domain name to promote.

Last but not least, one ofrepparttar 124462 best forms of offline advertising is almost certainly "word of mouth". Ideally, if your product or service is of good quality and value, your existing customers should be your best salespeople. To keep your product or service inrepparttar 124463 minds of your existing customers (and to help them remember to mention your company to others), you might consider offering some kind of discount or referral fee.

Alan is the lead developer for InfoServe Media, LLC (, a Web development company that specializes in Web site design, hosting, domain name registration, and promotion for small businesses.

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