Can a 50+ Man Find Temporary Happiness with a Much Younger Woman?

Written by Malcolm Goodway

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S: So now she needs a big papaís shoulder to cry on, right?

G: Not at all. What she needs is independence. And that means first of all economic independence. If you want to look at it politically, itís reallyrepparttar feminist agenda brought down intorepparttar 132369 practical world. Without economic independence a woman will always be dependent.

S: So even committed as she might be to such an a goal, why canít she get that herself?

G: In unusual cases she might, but I think inrepparttar 132370 typical case sheís going to need help.

S: Why do you believe that?

G: Think ofrepparttar 132371 kind of economic situation sheís likely to be in. A low-level job to match her low-level education, with children to take care of too. Then if sheís intelligent, her lack of education must be especially depressing. She knows thatrepparttar 132372 key to economic upgrading and independence is education. But she hasnítrepparttar 132373 time to go to night school with her other responsibilities and she probably couldnít afford allrepparttar 132374 expenses even with student loans. Thereís another kind of problem of equal importance too. She probably has lost her study and learning habits by this time.

S: So some altruistic over-the-hill knight in shining armor is going to take her under his wing at this point?

G: I would put it in a much less cynical way. An older man will take her under his wing, but heís not so altruistic. Remember,repparttar 132375 best contracts are those in which both sides benefit equally. Heís going to let her quit her job and study full-time for a specified period, during which he will cover all expenses and help take care of her children. Almost certainly she will move in with him.

He will mentor her in her studies on a daily basis and atrepparttar 132376 end ofrepparttar 132377 specified period will not release her intorepparttar 132378 marketplace until she has a new job that does offer her independence.

This will require a very intense and intimate connection for both of them, tantamount to a marriage, but only for that period. Thereís no reason why it shouldnít have a sexual aspect as well. So here we have it. The agenda on both sides is now all up front. They will live together just for a specified time period in order to provide educational upgrading for her; and during that time he will benefit fromrepparttar 132379 sexual stimulation provided by a younger woman.

S: Hmmm Ö Have you tried this yourself?

G: This isnít a personal discussion. But my hero, Wilson, has indeed tried it, with surprising consequences that keep expanding and ramifying inrepparttar 132380 novel.

S: Whatís it called? A Temporary New Wife? Where can I read more about it?

G: Thatís what itís called, and more information can be found at our web site,

S: I think this might just be some new and insidious form of prostitution. Do you think that might berepparttar 132381 case?

G: I donít think it is, because itís fundamentally non-exploitative on either side. But that that issue is dealt with extensively inrepparttar 132382 book.

S: Well Ö Iím not so sure. But as an older woman, why canít I tryrepparttar 132383 same thing with a young man?

G: You can, and I encourage you to try it. Itís just that there are so few young men in this situation compared to young women. But justrepparttar 132384 fact that youíre asking that question suggests that we may be coming at last torepparttar 132385 limits of your cynicism, which is an achievement in itself. But please do find a young man in need of educational upgrading if you can.

S: Well, Iíll consider it Ö but come to think of it, my husband might object somewhatÖ

---Malcolm Goodway is the author of A Temporary New Wife, a provocative new novel on senior sexuality, written by an active senior for active seniors.

The book is available at ISBN 0975311255, or at

Malcolm can be reached by e-mail at

You're Not an Animal: Black Men Reclaim Your Dignity

Written by Peggy Butler

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Rebelling against their plight, a few managed to escape, but for every Black male that escaped, there were thousands more to take their place. Defenseless, his dignity gone, and his pride abandoned;repparttar Black man struggled to free himself from his captors.

Staring throughrepparttar 132366 small cubicle he called home, he wondered how he reached this point-in-time. Maybe it began in December 1989 whenrepparttar 132367 conspiracy theory was first broached. Or maybe it began when Black men started judging themselves by White standards; and gave in torepparttar 132368 misconception that they were ďlazy, sex-crazed, drug-addicted thugs prone to violence.Ē But it did begin somewhereóand it ended in imprisonment, andrepparttar 132369 end ofrepparttar 132370 race as we once knew it!

Stop! Brothers, what I have written up until now, was my pessimistic side, expressing my inner most thoughts. Now itís time to walkrepparttar 132371 walk as well as talkrepparttar 132372 talk. I donít know about you, but Iím sick and tired ofrepparttar 132373 media and people in general underestimating African-American men. Similarly, Iíve grown leery of White females averting their eyes and clutching their purses inrepparttar 132374 presence of these men. Moreover, Iím tired ofrepparttar 132375 media explaining in vivid details,repparttar 132376 Black manís demise.

Stop putting all Black men inrepparttar 132377 same category. Only a small percentage are using drugs and committing crimes. The rest are trying to do their absolute best, thus seekingrepparttar 132378 pursuit of happiness just like everyone else. Byrepparttar 132379 way, there are thousands of educated and productive Black men climbingrepparttar 132380 ladder of success. ISNíT THAT PROOF THAT THEY CAN DO MORE THAN SING, DANCE, PLAY SPORTS AND CREATE BABIES? Black men are not asking anyone for anything. All theyíre saying is stop labeling, stop criticizing, stop analyzing. They are not objects to be probed, prodded and petted at will. They are in fact human. See them. Touch them. Feel them. Examine their motives. They are men subject torepparttar 132381 same mistakes and temptations asrepparttar 132382 rest of us high polluting hybrids.

So stop speaking of them as if they were a piece of cheese or a morsel of dust. Stop having programs and panel discussions featuring Black men asrepparttar 132383 main attraction, and stop saying what a contemptible specimen they are; we arenít buying it.

Black men are not animals. They are men. And at this moment they are reclaiming their dignity. Hate it, dismiss it, whatever. The Black manís motto inrepparttar 132384 21st century is ďIím going to keep on flickin until Iím through tickin." Forget that extinct mumbo jumbo. Peace!

A freelance writer since 1989, Butler has written for various magazines and Internet publications including Impact Press,, TimBook Tu, and The Black World Today. Moreover, Butler who lists collecting 60s memorabilia among her hobbies, writes news, features, sports and entertainment articles, as well as commentaries and humor pieces. Currently, she is a contributor for

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