Can You or Canít You

Written by Timothy Whitt

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Now donít get me wrong we are a country of dreamers who fail to carry out our dreams because we are to busy making excuses for why our dreams would never have worked inrepparttar first place. We seem to think that when someone asks us to solve a problem or perform a task that we donít want to do we just come up with those four little words,Ē I canít do itĒ. Now I donít know about you but most people canít because they do not even think trying to see if they can.

A good example of this isrepparttar 138600 person who would like to go back to school after 15 or 20 years. In their heart they have already said that is going to be tough and so on and so on. Now if they would have expended one ounce of energy they used to make up all those excuses they probably would have gotten an A in their first four classes.

I canít or I can it is such a simple choice but one that ways heavily on our mind. Even now you might be thinking I canít write an article like this one when you never really tried to see if you could. When you are done here pick up a pencil or get on that computer and start writing.

Your mind is a powerful tool. The trick is to not use it for making excuses but to use it for carrying out your dreams. Teach yourself to say I can and I will instead of I canít because I wonít

I am a freelance writer from Reading, PA. I write on a variety of subjects from business resources to Christian topics


Written by Theolonius McTavish

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To avoid being zapped by alien airwaves, I recommend using "Semaphore". This low-tech communication method is a lot cheaper and more fun than a bag of juicy-fruit bubble-gum. After all, how many people do you know who carry around flags all day long, flap their arms, and look a tad miffed when cab-drivers interrupt their train of thought and terse text messages?

As for "laptops", they seem to languish about prominent places. Have you ever noticed how they invite unwanted attention from sticky-fingered sorts who can't wait to abscond with them when you're responding torepparttar call of nature? Then there curmudgeons like me who think it's a waste of time to invent something that helps nincompoops organize their recipes, play solitaire, or keep them busy looking for a non-existent mouse.

Being fromrepparttar 137714 ďold schoolĒ, I was always taught that children should be seen and not heard. Now if only that credo would apply to all these modern communication tools,repparttar 137715 world would be an infinitely quieter place.

Just imagine a world without wireless windbags, wonky windows, or wicked weirdoes Öwhere we would all be free to follow our bliss it picking four-leaf clovers, drawing dorky droodles, coloring outsiderepparttar 137716 lines, or maybe even tickling someone pink for a change!

Theolonius McTavish is an analogue aardvark, amateur toe wrestler and frequent flying carpet cardholder not to mention an avid bystander at The Court of the Quipping Queen

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