Can You Handle a Long Distance Relationship?

Written by Debbie Anderson

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- You orrepparttar other partner has a history of manic depression or depression. Once again infidelity and unpredictability accompany these disorders.

- You arerepparttar 141625 third wheel in a love triangle. If he or she is off to see an ex, a wife or children you might have a problem on your hands.

- You are an emotionally insecure codependent who suffers from anxiety if he or she goes torepparttar 141626 store, never mind a long ways away.

- You have a history of jealousy or suspicion.

- You need a hug every day.

- You need sex every day.

- You do not write good letters or don't like communicating via email or yahoo messenger.

- You don't communicate well onrepparttar 141627 phone.

- You can't afford a computer or long distance calls.

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Are You Thinking About What You're Thinking About

Written by Daniel N. Brown

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The same goes for finances. If you've never had a large amount of money and all of a sudden come into some, you will probably find a way to blow it all. You will sabotage it because in your mind, you do not see yourself as a financially successful person. It is a fact thatrepparttar working class earn and spend andrepparttar 141624 wealthy save and invest. It's all a matter of thinking, and thinking is a matter of beliefs.

Procrastination, tardiness, lack of follow through, fear of failure are all qualities that start as thoughts. These thoughts can became entrenched in your belief system and become obstacles to living an abundant and prosperous life.

Think rightly aboutrepparttar 141625 things you want to attract. Get around like minded people who haverepparttar 141626 kind of life you want to live. Go out to dinner with them, sit around a fire pit and talk about ideas, or play golf together. If they are not physically accessible, listen to their tapes and read their books.

We must take care of what we put into our minds. For what goes in may also come out.

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