Can You Find Success with a Self-Published eBook?

Written by Melissa Brewer

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6. There's hope inrepparttar future! Ebooks are just getting started. Ebook writers haverepparttar 108472 ability to adapt their content to their audience and create an interactive element. Hyperlinks help with quick navigation to important resources onrepparttar 108473 web. I believe, inrepparttar 108474 future, eBooks will gravitate to becomerepparttar 108475 truly interactive medium they are -- content that allows audience to explorerepparttar 108476 topic as superficially or as deep as they want. Imagine if you publish a fantasy novel and have hyperlinks torepparttar 108477 maps ofrepparttar 108478 world you created just a click away? Or, like thousands of DVD's, what if you create links to a website that has a "behindrepparttar 108479 scenes" look intorepparttar 108480 writing process? Or what about scenes you loved but didn't fit intorepparttar 108481 eBook's plot? Why not showrepparttar 108482 reader what you edited out?

7. Success is possible, with time, MJ Rose's eBook, Lip Service, garnered many great reviews, sales, and future print publishing contracts. In MJ's latest eBook, Buzz Your Book, she mentions that Angela Hoy, makes several thousand dollars with her eBooks on a monthly basis. These success stories took time (months and years) to create -- but now these women have become "eBook legends." It turns out that self-published eBooks can pay off! (You can find out more about MJ Rose at and Angela Hoy at

If You're Considering Jumping Onrepparttar 108483 Bandwagon

The internet has changesrepparttar 108484 way self-publishers market. There are websites, email discussion lists, and communities dedicated to helprepparttar 108485 independent writer get into print. Where once self-publishers missed out onrepparttar 108486 support of an editor or publishing house, they now haverepparttar 108487 opportunity to participate in a quickly growing community.

Is self-publishing an eBook right for you? Here are a few questions to help you decide:

1. Do you have an idea -- or manuscript -- for a good book? 2. Do you ENJOY networking with writers and publishers onrepparttar 108488 web? 3. Are you INTERESTED in learning new ways to promote yourself? 4. Do you haverepparttar 108489 time and resources to DIY? (do it yourself?) 5. Are you prepared to learn a lot of information and apply it on a daily basis?

Ifrepparttar 108490 answers to these questions are "yes" or "maybe", there are also resources online you'll want to check out before you begin your project. Here are a few to get you started:

Self-Publishing Discussion List (sponsored by SPAN)

AnEBookChat -- Discussion List for eBook Writers (Experienced and Newbies)

Series of Articles with Many eBook-related Links "Become an E-Book Author -- .......Selling Your Knowledge" by Edward Toupin oupin1.html

eBook Web -- Resources, articles, and tips

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"Why Market Online With eBooks?"

Written by Ken Hill

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For instance:

* If you run an ezine where you promote your products or affiliate programs you can easily increaserepparttar circulation of your ezine by adding free eBooks as a bonus to subscribing to your publication. Allowing your subscribers to download eBooks you have written is a good way to show your subscribers that you are knowledgeable about marketing and can lead to them viewing you as an expert in your field. You can also increase your profits by including links in your eBooks to your affiliate programs or business. If you wanted to you could also include your eBooks in a members only site you create for your subscribers. Your members only site can have your eBooks, resources you think your subscribers will find valuable, and other sites you wish to promote. This also can be a great bonus to subscribing to your ezine and easily increase your subscriber base.

* If you give away free eBooks with your marketing information to your visitors, you can also allow your visitors to rebrand your eBooks with a link to their site, products or services for free. This allows your visitors to promote their site in your eBook for free while promoting your products atrepparttar 108471 same time. This can lead to hundreds or even thousands of people promoting your eBook with your opportunties for free all with very little work on your part.

* If you run an affiliate program, you can increase your business profits by creating eBooks for your affiliates to give away for free that they can rebrand with their affiliate URL. This can increaserepparttar 108472 income of your affiliates and also increaserepparttar 108473 amount of promotion you get from your affiliates. A win-win situation.

* You can allow your visitors to readrepparttar 108474 first few chapters of an eBook you've written before paying forrepparttar 108475 complete version. This allows your future customers to see that you offer useful, helpful information, to make sure what you offer is what they want, and it makes it easier for them to makerepparttar 108476 decision to buy from you.

And you can do much more if you set your mind to it. Not only can you write an eBook that deals with marketing or promotion, but you could write about anything that you are good at, or have knowledge about. What you do with your eBook is as limitless as your imagination. The choices are up to you.

Ken Hill, writer and online entrepreneur. Find out how easy it is to create your own information products. Get your free download now and start creating your own eBooks today. Visit:

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