Can You Afford Not To Look After Your Personal Finances?

Written by Mika Hamilton

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Investing is too hard

Investing is too risky

You need a lot of money to invest

Letís look at each one of these misconceptions.

Investing is too hard

You may think that investing is just too hard. But a lot of that has to do withrepparttar terminology ofrepparttar 137335 investment industry. I mean who knows what Fed Fund rates, mutual funds, indexes, or blue chip stocks are? But you donít need to be scared off by a bunch of wordsóinrepparttar 137336 end they are just words. Just like you probably didnít know what PMI was before you bought your first house or what APR was before you got your first credit card, you can learn what these things are. And you will find that they arenít so hard to learn. And if you seekrepparttar 137337 advice of a professional, they can explain it to you.

Investing is too risky.

Some people haverepparttar 137338 idea that investing is risky. Movies such as ďWall StreetĒ, no doubt, lead people to think that. Butrepparttar 137339 fact is that investing is only as risky as you want it to be. Do you want to take huge risks? You can invest in international stocks. Want to play it safe? Go with bonds. The risk level is up to you and only you.

I canít afford to invest.

Many people think they canít afford to invest. But when you look atrepparttar 137340 alternatives (social security may not be there, job security is not 100%), you really have to ask yourself how can you afford not to invest. Andrepparttar 137341 earlier you start,repparttar 137342 more money you will earn. Even if itís only a small amount,repparttar 137343 money you invest today will earn you big inrepparttar 137344 future.

Mika Hamilton is editor and founder of the Global Investment Institute. An organisation setup to aid people in the pursuit of a better lifestyle through investing and wealth planning.

The Causes Of Acne... And How To Avoid Them

Written by Steve William

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Now that we understandrepparttar biological factors that contribute to acne, we can focus onrepparttar 136946 environmental and genetic aspects ofrepparttar 136947 disease. As far as genetics are concerned, adolescents with a family history of acne tend to also haverepparttar 136948 disease.

At some level, it'srepparttar 136949 way our genes program our glands and hormones, which in turn affects how much oilrepparttar 136950 glands produce.

Other factors can actually make acne worse. Greasy make-up, and other types of drugs, usually androgens, can cause acne to flare up. Women are more at risk as their menstrual cycle nears each month.

Wearing tight collars, hats or even bags overrepparttar 136951 shoulders can also contribute. Many timesrepparttar 136952 weather can also affect acne. A hot and humid day can cause a breakout.

Also, squeezing, popping or picking at lesions (pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and zits) will not help at all. In fact,repparttar 136953 oil and bacteria on your hands will actually clog other surrounding pores more.

So not everyone can avoid Acne, but if you knowrepparttar 136954 causes, then there's a chance to prevent it.

Steve Williams is a freelance writer, who suffered acne for many years. His research into prevention and acne cures have helped him, and other fellow sufferers. Discover useful advice and information about the causes and prevention of acne. Website contains useful articles and updated information on this nasty skin condition.

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