Can We Make Sense Of The Senseless?

Written by John Colanzi

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He was givenrepparttar freedom in our Capitalist society to start a business, which still stands today and is run by my father.

These arerepparttar 132684 principles Ben Laden andrepparttar 132685 terrorists were attacking. Not justrepparttar 132686 people and property of America. They coldly and calculatedly were attackingrepparttar 132687 hopes and dreams we stand for.

They are not crazy. They are not religious. No true Muslim, believes inrepparttar 132688 killing ofrepparttar 132689 innocent.

They are not just anti-American, they are anti everything America stands for. We wererepparttar 132690 last bastion of tranquility inrepparttar 132691 world.

We wererepparttar 132692 last place on Earth considered safe by every free thinking human on Earth.

That's why they sang God Bless America acrossrepparttar 132693 globe yesterday. That's why a woman in France said everyone is an American today.

America is not just it's physical boundaries. It's not just it's people. It's a mind set. It'srepparttar 132694 hopes and dreams of so many who've never even set foot on our shores.

With all our blessing comesrepparttar 132695 responsibility to go forward and to keeprepparttar 132696 "Great Experiment" alive.

We are here to stay and all we ask is "Don't Tread On Me."

God Bless America and God Bless everyone aroundrepparttar 132697 globe who were Americans yesterday.

God Bless

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This is my Story

Written by Karen J

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On February 14, 1990, I was arrested for crimes committed during a drug and alcohol induced black out. I still only have vague bits and pieces from time to time, but no real memory. I was sentenced to State Prison. Truly I was rescued; and my parents were going to be safe. I was released 18 months later, had a gorgeous little boy, who is my very heart and soul, and had a beautiful relationship with my prison consular, (who is my sonís father). I had a life, three phone business (legal) from my home, and most importantly, a family.

My mother died in may of 1993, and I relapsed on Crack. I had also been givenrepparttar extra-ordinary information that my mother was actually my biological grandmother. My father was actually my step-grandfather. My biological mother committed suicide in my presence when I was three tears old, and at last notice (1970) my father was inrepparttar 132683 Army. I would love to find my birth father and have all of my adoptive records. I just donít know where to begin. On top of all of this, my sonís father, who I had just married, was already married to someone else.

I binged for a few months, and spent a great deal of money. But then I did manage to get sober, get to meetings, get it together. When I relapsed I was also arrested for violation of Probation. I refused to sex my parole officer, so he violated me. Once I got all of that mess taken care of, I was back home, getting myself back together and everything was cool for a few months, three if I am not mistaken. Then I got a call that my dad/step-grandfather was ill. I must get from central Florida to north Florida immediately. Well, I borrowed a friendís car; I drove to my hometown and was pulled over for speeding (just 5 mph overrepparttar 132684 limit). I was concerned about my dad. After pulling me over, this police officer I didnít know proceeded to search my car, ďbecause he felt like itĒ. He reached underrepparttar 132685 front seat ofrepparttar 132686 car and stuffed in there was a soda can that had been altered to smoke crack with. I figured I would tell himrepparttar 132687 truth, it wasnít my car, it is borrowed, and my dad is sick, I had to hurry to make sure my dad was okay, you see? He didnít want to hear it. He put me inrepparttar 132688 back seat of his patrol car and took me way out on a back road. He said, ďYou suck my dick real good and this can will suddenly disappear.Ē I figured to myself that I done more for less and I didnít want to violate my re-instated probation, if I did I would be going back to prison. Well, he lied. I did what he wanted and he submittedrepparttar 132689 can for evidence and it gave me two parole violations.

Right now I have been in prison for eight years, maximum security, and close custody. I will be released in approximately two years, with gain time. I was sentenced to 27 years in prison for those violations of probation and 5 years forrepparttar 132690 can. Yes my sentence is very illegal, excessive, and unconstitutional. They just donít care about you if you donít have a influential, reputable attorney for your representation. And that takes money. I canít even buy a stick of deodorant much less afford an attorney. I have been fighting my case- and all motions except one have been denied. I have no where to call home, no family (except my son who is with his father).

I do have a great deal of gratitude though. After all that Iíve been through, I didnít contract Aids, Hepatitis, Herpes, and ECT. I am very healthy and Iíve received and education in here that money simply couldnít have bought. Yes, I am a very jaded woman. But I can still laugh, stop and smell flowers and seerepparttar 132691 magic and beauty in a precious sunrise, sunset andrepparttar 132692 face ofrepparttar 132693 Full moon.

Well that is my storyÖ oh one other thingÖ a priest that used to come torepparttar 132694 prison to hold Mass once told me that ďCocaine isrepparttar 132695 Devils SpitĒ. I am Wicca and do not believe is a devil, per say. But it isrepparttar 132696 single most evil thing that I have seen in my 32 years. I am guilty of surviving abuserepparttar 132697 best way I could. I am a survivor. And I am a damn good woman too!

Karen is a lady inmate in Florida who has written this article about her life. The article is graphic in conter and readers whould be warned. It explains how women get involved in drug use, prostitution and utimatatly incarceration.

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