Can Quick Weight Loss Really Work?

Written by Anna Dedrick

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1.) If you must have a dessert, split it with a friend.

2.) Start your meal with soup and a salad. If you fill up on healthy foods first, you may eat less ofrepparttar high calorie entries.

3.) Immediately ask for a box to go and place half of your meal in it. Not only will you cut calories but you now have an entire additional meal for later.

4.) Ask for non-fat or low-fat dressing onrepparttar 143533 side when ordering your salad. You can then controlrepparttar 143534 portion size. A high calorie dressing can add 200-400 additional calories to your health salad.

5.) At a fast food restaurant, always orderrepparttar 143535 small size. Did you know a super size French fry at Mc Donald's is 29g grams of fat and 610 calories??

Once again, these simple restaurant tips will not result in quick weight loss but if you start using these and other weight loss tips every day, you will start seeingrepparttar 143536 long term success you truly deserve. Always think long term and don't be tricked by diets that promise "incredible quick weight loss".

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Diet Red Flags

Written by Michael Lewis

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Does it involve exercise?


If it doesn't, you will gainrepparttar weight back. Research shows that individuals who exercise on a regular basis have much greater success at losing weight and keeping it off. Exercise is critical to weight loss success.

You need an hour of aerobic exercise, at least five times per week, if you seriously want to lose weight. Also, you need strength training two times a week to build muscle. Lifting weights or working with rubber tubes helps maintain and can also increaserepparttar 143380 level of lean body mass, which helps your metabolism burn calories.

Two-thirds ofrepparttar 143381 calories a person burns overrepparttar 143382 course of a day are from resting metabolism. If you are on a restricted diet by decreasing calories and nutrients, and you are not doing resistance training to build muscle, it is not uncommon to see resting metabolism decrease, which results in NO WEIGHT LOSS.

Is there sound research behindrepparttar 143383 weight-loss program?


Not all studies are created equal, and there are plenty sponsored by companies to getrepparttar 143384 answers they want. So a fair amount of skepticism is in order," says Zelman.

Ifrepparttar 143385 study involves small numbers of peoplerepparttar 143386 the results are less meaningful. Use caution when making any decisions based onrepparttar 143387 finding. Also, if claims only involve anecdotes and testimonials, beware.

Isrepparttar 143388 weight-loss program compatible with your lifestyle?


"If it's asking you to eat every three hours, to buy special foods and prepare them specially, it might be more trouble than it's worth and you won't do it," says Zelman.

Does it sound easy?


Diets or supplements that tout "no dieting or exercise needed" or "permanent weight loss, even if you stop using repparttar 143389 product," are bogus, saysrepparttar 143390 FTC. If you rely on supplements or too-strict diets you're wasting your time, Zelman explains.

Likewise, don't put much weight inrepparttar 143391 negative-calorie food diet. The theory there is that when you eat lettuce, celery, and other near-zero calorie foods, your body burns more calories simply digesting them. Give me a break, says Zelman. "You may burn a few calories, but so what?"

Sure, some diets work and they're healthy, Zelman says. "The Atkins and South Beach diets both have merit," she says.

Also, "protein and calcium are showing great promise as weight loss enhancers, but they're not miracle foods; you still have to eat a low-calorie diet, and you still have to exercise."

Source: WebMD

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