Can One Person Increase Motivation in Another Person?

Written by Jean Fisher

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Many people enjoy using charts and graphs to track progress. They can be very effective. I urge you not to rely too heavily on them, however because they tend to make us think of extrinsic rewards. “What do I get when I have a star in every square?” If you do decide to make rewards part of your strategy, choose rewards that can be considered less materialistic. Go to a movie together instead of buying a toy.

What works best is a thank you with a statement of worth aboutrepparttar action. “Thanks for picking uprepparttar 150799 living room. It puts me in such a good mood to live in a neat home.” (Rememberrepparttar 150800 two intrinsic motivators, pride and importance of action?) Or, a verbal pat onrepparttar 150801 back. “Now that your homework is done and your head isrepparttar 150802 size of a watermelon, what fun thing are you going to enjoy?”

Remember to be sporadic with your compliments and praise. A compliment delivered with every action sounds insincere. Never forgetrepparttar 150803 reinforcing power of a smile or a hug.


Empathy isrepparttar 150804 ability to feel what another person is feeling and isrepparttar 150805 foundation of intrinsic motivator number two: an understanding ofrepparttar 150806 importance in applyingrepparttar 150807 desired behavior. Years of teaching elementary students gave me a clear understanding ofrepparttar 150808 need to teach children empathy. Fromrepparttar 150809 charismatic manipulator, torepparttar 150810 bully, torepparttar 150811 social outcast, not being able to identify with other people’s feelings can lead to problems.

Talk about your feelings with each other often. Always remember, however never to assign blame to another person when expressing an emotion. Instead of saying, “You made me so mad when I was late for work because you overslept!” a better way to build empathy would be to say, “Oncerepparttar 150812 clock gets past 8:20 I start getting nervous about being late for work. My stomach gets acidy and I can almost hear my boss yelling at me again. I sure would appreciate it if you would be downstairs by 8:15.” You have given your reasons on many different levels of comprehension:repparttar 150813 visual image ofrepparttar 150814 clock,repparttar 150815 physical sensation in your stomach,repparttar 150816 sound of an angry boss.


Above all else, model motivated behavior. That one thing in itself will motivate others beyond anything else you do. Designate your home as a caring community. “Everyone who lives here supports each other.” Don’t tolerate teasing or other forms of meanness in your home.

Another important factor in keepingrepparttar 150817 atmosphere of your home uplifting is to limit complaining. Many of us are inrepparttar 150818 habit of coming home and letting off steam aboutrepparttar 150819 idiots we must face each day. That old homily, “Leave your troubles onrepparttar 150820 doorstep” should not be forgotten. Considerrepparttar 150821 effect on a child’s motivation to grow up and enterrepparttar 150822 work world when he or she continuously hearsrepparttar 150823 adults complaining about their jobs.


Eat right, drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise. When you feel good physically, it is so much easier to be enthusiastic and cheerful!

Use one of your self-improvement evenings each week to take a walk outside. Wear your intelligent caps while you are on your walk and talk with each other aboutrepparttar 150824 things you encounter. I’ll bet you can teach each other a lot.

Have an energy snack available when you are working or creating at home. Slice fruit and cheese and serve with a fortified, whole grain cracker. You are supplying vitamins, calcium and fiber. One of best fibers forrepparttar 150825 digestive system isrepparttar 150826 pectin found in apples. Float apple slices in ice water with a spritz of lemon juice and they won’t turn brown.


The final word is consistency. If you are determined to reach your goals, follow through. So, good luck! Apply these concepts and you will have a happier, healthier family!

Jean Fisher is a former elementary teacher who now spends her time a free service that suggests one delicious meal seven days a week, provide an organized shopping list customized to include all your shopping needs, plus two stimulating table topics and one educational after-dinner activity for each day.


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