Can Indianapolis afford an NFL franchise?

Written by Kurt St. Angelo

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The RCA Dome has 104 suites. The league’s top franchise,repparttar Washington Redskins, offers 280. The difference in revenue betweenrepparttar 125855 Colts’ and Redskins’ luxury suites likely exceeds $15 million annually. Total team revenues were $137 million and $227 million, respectively, in 2002.

Certainly it behooves Irsay to shop his team torepparttar 125856 city that gives himrepparttar 125857 best deal. Duringrepparttar 125858 past decade, 21 ofrepparttar 125859 league’s 32 teams have received new or renovated stadiums. An average sweetheart deal is a $323-million stadium, paid 65 percent by taxpayers , that holds 69,200 spectators.

But here arerepparttar 125860 $66,000 questions for Mr. Irsay: Even with an average $323-million stadium funded two-thirds by taxpayers, canrepparttar 125861 Colts sell more suites at greater prices to bring team revenues aboverepparttar 125862 NFL median? Likewise, canrepparttar 125863 central Indiana football market sustain more suites, box seats and higher prices to keeprepparttar 125864 Colts in town?

I’ve been thinking of recommending thatrepparttar 125865 Libertarian Party buyrepparttar 125866 naming rights torepparttar 125867 next Indianapolis Colts’ stadium, but now I’m having second thoughts.

At a recent sold-out home game, I was unable to sellrepparttar 125868 two extra $45-seats that I had – at any price. There was no one besides ticket scalpers to giverepparttar 125869 tickets. I swallowedrepparttar 125870 $90 in losses, not to mention two grossly expensive $6 beers duringrepparttar 125871 game. (Hey, I was thirsty and now have my third plastic commemorative Colts cup!)

Before a new stadium becomes economically realistic in Indianapolis, demand for Colts tickets, box seats and luxury suites must exceed their supply. This burden of truth falls on Jim Irsay, and he must meet this before taxpayers make more concessions.

Funding a new stadium with $400-plus million of taxpayer debt (excluding interest) is to gamble onrepparttar 125872 team’s ability to sell itself to more fans and at a higher premium.

This will be a much harder task than giving away my extra tickets.

(Originally published on November 16, 2004)

Attorney, screenwriter, Libertarian Party activist in Indianapolis

Howard Dean, Extortion, Bribes and other problems

Written by Scott Huminski

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Sorrell has lately kept busy inrepparttar courts fighting to keep Howard Dean’s gubernatorial records sealed. In light ofrepparttar 125854 foregoing, one can only imagine what vile government conduct Sorrell and Dean are covering up inrepparttar 125855 sealed records lawsuit. Sorrell’s friendship with Dean is still costingrepparttar 125856 Vermont taxpayers thousands of litigation dollars and Dean’s “really smart lawyer” friend apparently flunked attorney ethics which prohibit Sorrell’s representation of Dean under attorney conflict-of-interest principles. (fn4)

In Sorrell’s possession is a sworn transcript and audio tape of a major U.S. corporation’s quite illegal conduct constituting extortion and other crimes. To date,repparttar 125857 reason is unknown for Sorrell’s cover-up ofrepparttar 125858 criminal enterprise set forth inrepparttar 125859 audio tape aside fromrepparttar 125860 fact that any such reason would be incompatible with law enforcement. Also in this questionable category is Sorrell’s cover-up of an alcoholic beverage retailer’s activities who operated without federal or state licenses for 8 years duringrepparttar 125861 Dean/Sorrell decade in Vermont despite a report from Vermont’s own liquor investigator thatrepparttar 125862 illegal conduct existed. Dean’s appointee response – cover up.

It appears that neither Dean nor his lawyer crony have any respect forrepparttar 125863 Bill of Rights, ethical considerations orrepparttar 125864 rule of law when it doesn’t fit into their dubious agendas. Recently, Dean has labeledrepparttar 125865 members of an entire political party as “evil”. Perhaps Dean should look inrepparttar 125866 mirror and look atrepparttar 125867 condition he left Vermont in after a decade of his appointments prior to disparaging others. The man who said 95 percent of people charged with crimes are guilty anyway so why shouldrepparttar 125868 state spend money on providing them with lawyers should indeed criticize very carefully from his anti-constitutional corrupt glass house. (fn5)

Scott Huminski 111-2c Killam Court Cary, NC 27513

(fn1),18471,535358,00.html (fn2) (fn3) (fn4) (fn5)¬Found=true

Expert on Vermont Justice issues related to Howard Dean and his appointees.

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