Can A Network Marketing Business REALLY Be Run Exclusively Online?

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Inrepparttar meantime, youíre going to have to generate leads in other ways. The two primary effective methods are paid advertising (both for your network marketing business opportunity andrepparttar 117756 products your business promotes) and you can pay for leads.


Unlikerepparttar 117757 traditional, offline ways of generating leads for a network marketing business, by definition,repparttar 117758 leads you generate online are prequalified. For example, if youíre trying to generate leads offline, youíre talking to everyone you can at every opportunity. You may be speaking with someone ahead of you in line atrepparttar 117759 bank or supermarket, a young mother you run into when picking up your kids from school, and any other number of people you come across in your day to day activities.

The problem is, as you have no idea whether these people are even remotely candidates for your opportunity, you can waste a LOT of time talking with people who are poor prospects for your business.

Onrepparttar 117760 other hand, if youíve created a web site on a topic of relevance and interest torepparttar 117761 people who would also be interested in your network marketing opportunity, by definition your web site visitors are prequalified as, because they have sought you out, they are likely to be interested in at least learning more about your opportunity.

Placing paid advertising and paying for leads are other ways of qualifying leads. What these methods all have in common, however, is thatrepparttar 117762 lead COMES TO YOU, you donít go after them. If someone makes contact with you wanting to know more about your opportunity, itís all of a sudden a LOT easier to pick up a phone and call them isnít it? Or to send them information via email if thatís what you and they prefer.


The other big, big advantage running a network marketing business online offers isrepparttar 117763 ability to automate your follow-ups. Every time someone contacts you for information about your opportunity, add that personís email address to your list of prospects and then periodically send follow-up messages to that list. By employing autoresponders (software that allows you to send prewritten follow-up email messages to defined email addresses on a periodic basis), this process can be completely automated, leaving you free to spend your time on generating leads rather than administrative tasks.

As you can see, running a network marketing business exclusively online is not an overnight project and it requires a LOT of work, consistency, persistence and commitment. But it most certainly can be done. If youíre serious about making serious money from an Internet-based business, network marketing isrepparttar 117764 way to go. Itís whererepparttar 117765 big, secure money is. But to earn big, secure money, you need to invest big too. You need to invest time, money and sweat equity into building your business.

Fortunately, however, network marketing online offers one other HUGE advantage over starting any other sort of online business. An upline. If you join a network marketing program thatís suited to being run online (and some arenít, byrepparttar 117766 way), AND you join up under a sponsor who is part of a team that specializes in runningrepparttar 117767 business exclusively (or near enough exclusively) online, you will have at your disposal a wealth of experience, expertise and tools you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

So, think about it. If youíre looking for a way to make money from your computer and you had, until now, thought network marketing wasnít for you, maybe you should think again. Network marketing coupled with Internet technology and an upline who knows what theyíre doing when it comes to running a business online could very well berepparttar 117768 answer torepparttar 117769 financial independence riddle youíve been looking for. Just donít expect it to happen overnight. There are no magic wands in this business just as there arenít anywhere else.

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From Ant Farm To Success

Written by Karen LaVoy

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Keep working on your website. A bunch of ants in a glass box is not a big attraction, but when you addrepparttar ants and makerepparttar 117755 whole thing an interactive experience by throwing in a few orange peels and educating people on how things work inrepparttar 117756 ant world, now that's big fun! A great idea alone will not allow you to be successful, you must also persist in making your dream, your vision, a reality. You've got to be able to teach people about your product or service, and that will take some trial and error and every effort will turn up more obstacles. Keep your goal firmly in mind and keep moving forward.

Communication and passion are your knockout punches. Talking and sharing your thoughts and goals for your business accomplishes two things. First, you will continue to keep your business foremost in your thoughts, which helps you maintain your vision for your business. Second, your enthusiasm is one ofrepparttar 117757 best promotion tools you have. According to "The World Wide Internet Opinion Survey," a joint project of @d:tech and Talk City, respondents said that after using search engines, word of mouth wasrepparttar 117758 vehicle that most drives them to new web sites. If you talk about your website to people you're in touch with, and include your website address in your signature information atrepparttar 117759 end of your email messages, you are going to generate traffic to your site. People are curious and will want to see what is fueling your excitement. It's your passion that will inspire other people to come see your cool new ant condo.

There are many skills and characteristics that will contribute to your success on repparttar 117760 Internet, but vision, persistence, and passion are indispensable to your success.

Karen LaVoy, eCommerce Account Executive, has a vision of helping people establish successful businesses on the internet.If your passion is your Internet Business, contact her today to learn more ways to succeed with your business venture. Call 1-800-784-0919, ext. 112, or email to Sign up for a FREE subscription to

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