Camping In Montana With Aliens

Written by Steve Gillman

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Maybe it was foolish to leave Ana alone. Just three months later, two boys were attacked by a mountain lion onrepparttar hill just behindrepparttar 148384 town of Anaconda. The fourteen-year-old fired his gun to scare it off. Both boys were probably larger than my gunless wife. Fortunately, we didn't meet any cougars or bears on this hike, but Ana had other things to worry about.

Camping With Aliens In Montana

"I hear voices," she told me inrepparttar 148385 tent that night. I assured her there was nobody within ten miles of us, and then she was worried about aliens landing inrepparttar 148386 meadow. Well, it would make a good landing site. The wind threatened to shredrepparttar 148387 tent all night, sounding likerepparttar 148388 whispers or screams of ghosts - or aliens. By morningrepparttar 148389 wind relented, but it was well below freezing - time to get Ana home.

Despiterepparttar 148390 cold she hates so much, Ana couldn't help stopping to take inrepparttar 148391 view as we crossedrepparttar 148392 high meadows on our way home. Mountains, grey with rock, green with grass and flowers, and painted with white patches of snow, were everywhere. Lakes sat in valleys below, unvisited for weeks at a time. We'll be back there again, but perhaps with bear spray and alien repellant.


Forty-five miles ofrepparttar 148393 Continental Divide Trail pass throughrepparttar 148394 Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. Other trails inrepparttar 148395 area are never heavily used. You can easily find mountains and whole valleys where you'll berepparttar 148396 only human residents for as long as you stay.

Steve Gillman hit the road at sixteen, and traveled the U.S. and Mexico alone at 17. Now 40, he travels with his wife Ana, whom he met in Ecuador. To read their stories, tips and travel information, visit:

Beach Breaks The Quick Tan Top Up

Written by Robin Richmond

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Slightly closer to homerepparttar Canary Islands have always been a popular destination forrepparttar 148371 British public. Set offrepparttar 148372 coast of West Africarepparttar 148373 archipelago enjoys a warm sunshine all year round, duty free prices and are home to some ofrepparttar 148374 best beaches inrepparttar 148375 world. Gran Canaria isrepparttar 148376 perfect getaway for a beach break. Almost 60 ofrepparttar 148377 236 kilometres ofrepparttar 148378 islands coastline consist of beaches many of which are famed for their white sands, transparent water and cleanliness a paradise only a short flight away fromrepparttar 148379 UK.

Similarly to Gran Canaria, with its mild climate and wondrous scenery, Majorca has long been a favourite withrepparttar 148380 British holiday makers. The largest ofrepparttar 148381 Beleric Islands, Majorca offers everything thatrepparttar 148382 Brits look for in a traditional beach holiday sun, beaches and nightlife. As a general rulerepparttar 148383 beach resorts onrepparttar 148384 south ofrepparttar 148385 island such as Magaluf - are more lively and suited torepparttar 148386 younger crowd. However, island has something to offer everyone andrepparttar 148387 relatively short flight mean it is an ideal venue for a short beach break.

Overall, taking 2-3 days to top up your tan is becoming easier to do forrepparttar 148388 UK traveller andrepparttar 148389 appeal of being on a beach in an exotic location a matter of hours after leaving your work is strong. All you need to do is pick your destination, get your hotel and makerepparttar 148390 last crucial decision...factor 8 or 9?

Edinburgh baased travel writer.

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