Campfire Coffee Recipes

Written by Gary Gresham

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Campfire Perculator Coffee Pot Recipe 3. This isrepparttar most common method of making campfire coffee. Start with 1 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee for each 6 oz of water when using a perculator coffee pot. Here is a trick if you end up with grounds in your coffee. Poke a hole in a regular coffee filter and put it inrepparttar 136252 perk basket. Watchrepparttar 136253 percolator forrepparttar 136254 coffee color. The longer it perksrepparttar 136255 stronger your coffee will be. A perculator coffee pot takes practice but they make great campfire coffee. Good Tip If you use unpleasant lake, well or tap water your coffee will never taste very good. Coffee is 98% water so using good water will make all of difference in good or bad coffee. Bring good water with you and you will enjoy your campfire coffee a lot more.

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Solaire Gas Grills are based on a unique cooking system

Written by Ross MacIver

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There are several models of Solaire gas grills to choose from. The 27" Petite Solaire Infrared Built-in Gas Grill (model number SOL-IRBQ-27G) has three infrared burners producing 27,000 BTUs. The total grilling area is 461 square inches, and there is a an optional electric rotisserie available. This model can operate on either propane or natural gas withrepparttar conversion kit which is included withrepparttar 136185 grill.

The Solaire 30 Inch Infra-Red Gas Grill has two infrared burners producing 55,000 BTUs. There is a total of 703 square inches of cooking area, and an optional electric rotisserie. This model can be installed on a portable cart or it can be built in to a customized cabinet. It can operate on either propane or natural gas.

For heavy-duty professional style cooking,repparttar 136186 Solaire 42 Inch Infra-Red Gas Grill on Cart offers 82,500 BTUs and 1027 square inches of grilling area. Onrepparttar 136187 other end ofrepparttar 136188 scale,repparttar 136189 Solaire Portable Gas Grill is a compact grill that can be carried anywhere. It operates on 1 pound propane bottles that offer one hour of cooking time.

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