California Financial Privacy Law Partially Invalidated

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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The case will be returned to Judge Morrison inrepparttar next 60 days. He will then determine whether any other provisions dealing withrepparttar 144265 sale of personal financial information are still enforceable. Givenrepparttar 144266 appellate ruling, it is difficult to imagine a ruling upholding this section ofrepparttar 144267 California law.

Notwithstanding these developments, approximately seventy percent ofrepparttar 144268 California privacy law is still enforceable. Financial institution still must get permission from customers prior to selling or sharing your information with third parties.

You should be concerned about financial institutions selling your private information to others. With allrepparttar 144269 incidents of identity theft inrepparttar 144270 news, chances are you will eventually become a target. Banks should be focusing on protecting their customers, not making a buck off private information.

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The Ideal Auto Accident Lawyers

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

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Finally, any good auto accident lawyer must seerepparttar logic of your wanting to assure that you will be properly represented in your auto accident case. He must also be willing and happy to answer any questions you may have about his legal qualifications.

The auto accident lawyers’ excellent legal ability and general ethical standard ratings,repparttar 144239 recognition from their peers, their local and national reputation, their trial successes, and their appellate successes are all matters that you must inquire about in selectingrepparttar 144240 right auto accident lawyers for your serious injury case.

After all, choosing a lawyer isrepparttar 144241 most significant step of becoming involved inrepparttar 144242 legal process. Most people become very faithful to one lawyer with whom they have had success with inrepparttar 144243 past – and past success is a very good criterion in choosing a lawyer. But, if you are new torepparttar 144244 legal arena, and are faced withrepparttar 144245 critical task of choosing a lawyer forrepparttar 144246 first time, it can’t hurt to look for some qualities that everybody looks for in a lawyer.

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