Cache in your chips and get a bus!

Written by Seamus Dolly

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CACHE is not legal tender in most countries, but a type of memory that your CPU (central processing unit ) first looks for. It does this, not to be awkward, but more because it isrepparttar fastest route, from a users point of view.

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In Computer Memory what is CAS Latency?

Written by Ron Merts

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OK, OK, so what'srepparttar bottom line?

So,repparttar 107774 bottom line is, moving from CAS-3 to CAS-2 will offer a percentage performance increase inrepparttar 107775 low single digits for most applications. Programs which are known to be memory intensive (you gamers might know of some...) will seerepparttar 107776 best improvement. The other thing to keep in mind is that CAS-2 memory will run FASTER ( some review sites have taken it to 160MHz!) than CAS-3 memory. So, if you're thinking of overclocking your system (now or inrepparttar 107777 future), CAS-2 is your best bet for speed and stability.


Buy CAS-2 if [1] you want to wringrepparttar 107778 last bit of performance out of your system, or [2] you're thinking of overclocking, either now or inrepparttar 107779 future, or [3] it costsrepparttar 107780 same as CAS-3, which it sometimes does... Otherwise, CAS-3 memory should meet your requirements

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