CT and MRI Scans in Neurological Practice: A Quick Overview

Written by Gary Cordingley

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One ofrepparttar virtues of MRI pictures is that they are based on physical principles totally different from those responsible for creating CT pictures. Thus,repparttar 148662 MRI is good (or not so good) at showing different things than CTs. Another virtue is that MRIs can slice and dicerepparttar 148663 brain at different angles, while CTs slices are limited to justrepparttar 148664 horizontal plane. Yet another virtue of MRIs is that they are much better than CTs at imaging most diseases ofrepparttar 148665 spine. Finally, MRIs are much more flexible than CTs: new bells, whistles and capabilities are being added allrepparttar 148666 time.

Torepparttar 148667 patient,repparttar 148668 experiences of having a CT and of having an MRI greatly resemble each other. In both casesrepparttar 148669 patient lies horizontally on a flat table that moves into and out of an opening inrepparttar 148670 scanner that resembles a giant doughnut-hole. The doughnut-hole inrepparttar 148671 MRI machine is narrower, so claustrophobic patients need to inform their doctors if this might be a problem. The MRI machine is also noisier: a loud sound is created each time its radio-frequency coils turn on and off. For each kind of scanrepparttar 148672 technologist might stick a needle inrepparttar 148673 patient's vein to administer contrast-material.

Both tests are otherwise painless and are very safe with certain exceptions. Pregnant women who need a scan might have to do without one for fear of exposingrepparttar 148674 fetus to excessive x-rays inrepparttar 148675 case ofrepparttar 148676 CT scan or to an excessive magnetic field inrepparttar 148677 case ofrepparttar 148678 MRI. If push comes to shove,repparttar 148679 woman is more likely to receive a CT scan because her abdomen can be draped with a lead shield that blocks passage of most x-rays, while there is no good method for blockingrepparttar 148680 magnetic field produced by an MRI machine.

A circumstance in which MRIs are simply not done is whenrepparttar 148681 patient has a cardiac pacemaker. This is becauserepparttar 148682 MRI machine's magnet might disruptrepparttar 148683 pacemaker and stoprepparttar 148684 heart. No image is so necessary and valuable that this risk would be worth taking. Another circumstance in which an MRI is avoided is whenrepparttar 148685 patient is critically ill. An unstable patient can be adequately monitored and supported while receiving a CT scan, but not while receiving an MRI.

Depending onrepparttar 148686 nature ofrepparttar 148687 patient's problem,repparttar 148688 doctor will usually order just one ofrepparttar 148689 two types of scans and notrepparttar 148690 other, but in selected casesrepparttar 148691 magic of both kinds of scan might be needed.

(C) 2005 by Gary Cordingley

Gary Cordingley, MD, PhD, is a clinical neurologist, teacher and researcher who works in Athens, Ohio. For more health-related articles see his website at: http://www.cordingleyneurology.com

My best makeup beauty tips

Written by Yasiv Marin

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6) Apply your favorite blush color (my favorites are pinks and oranges) onrepparttar apples of your cheeks using a soft brush so you can blend well.

7) Apply your favorite eyeshadows.....using 2 different colors always looks prettiest. The base color is usuallyrepparttar 148661 lightest color andrepparttar 148662 contour color isrepparttar 148663 darkest.

8) Curl your eyelashes if yours aren't very long. Then apply mascara. Never apply mascara before curling your lashes.....or else you'll lose some.

9) Line your lips with a lipliner, then fill your entire lip area withrepparttar 148664 same lipliner as well. Then apply your favorite color of lipstick. By doing this your lipstick will surely last longer.

10) You look beautiful! Always practice....you'll be an expert in no time.

And don't forget to always remove your makeup before going to bed...it's not good for your skin if you don't. It can clog your pores, leading to pimples and it will age your skin faster.

Yasiv Marin is a premier make-up artist offering professional makeup for weddings, graduations, fashion/photography, film/TV, print or any special occasion. Based in Vancouver, BC, she’s one of the fastest rising makeup artists in Canada. Graduating from Blanche Macdonald Centre, her creative, elegant, and detail oriented personality is truly impressive. Vist her at Vancouver Makeup Artist

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