Written by Meredith Gossland

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Now pull out a clean sheet of paper and write down this "to do" list...

1. Set goals for customer service that involve "WOW" customer service principles. Design a quality customer service program. Set a start date and end date for evaluation purposes.

2. Read a book a week on client relationship marketing and "WOW" customer service and give yourself a test to make sure you have retainedrepparttar information. Then USE it! Make sure all your employees dorepparttar 105630 same to one degree or another.

3. Evaluate all your employees, are they happy, dorepparttar 105631 have a vested interest in your success, would they want to be your client? What is their body language onrepparttar 105632 job, enthusiastic, angry, indifferent, bored? Get rid of dead weight! If a customer is likely to meet your employees it MUST be a positive experience. Pay your front line employees what they are worth. Smiles and enthusiasm are worth at least $1.00 per hour.

3. Reduce advertising budget... increase marketing budget... understandrepparttar 105633 difference.

4. Cut out or reduce systems that tend to isolate you from your customers, voice mail mazes, advertising campaigns designed forrepparttar 105634 general public, autoresponders, self help kiosks or webpages, overseas customer service centers.

5. Increase communication through handwritten notes, visits with clients, feed back and brainstorming sessions that putrepparttar 105635 client andrepparttar 105636 business onrepparttar 105637 same side ofrepparttar 105638 table as partners, reduce outsourcing, reward good clients frequently, use greeting cards with commerative stamps instead of postcards with bulk postage ( Customers think, "If I'm not worth 37 cents you don't need my business."), put some thought into client gifts (diabetics don't appreciate candy) and finally ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, for referrals! Then ask for referrals again.

Don't look to CRM to solverepparttar 105639 problems of customer loyalty. Look at your relationships with your clients.

Meredith Gossland is owner of Lasting Impressions2, a Small business marketing service, specializing in multicultural marketing and high quality low cost customer service. she can be reached at

Meredith Gossland is owner of Lasting Impressions2, a Small business marketing service, specializing in multicultural marketing and high quality low cost customer service. she can be reached at

Turbo Charge Your Career With The Most Powerful Leadership Tool Of All: The Leadership Talk. (Part Two)

Written by Brent Filson

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However, their committing to take leadership involves your establishing a special relationship with them.

For instance, going back torepparttar example I used in Part One, if one is a floor sweeper, one doesrepparttar 105629 best floor sweeping, not simply by doing it but by taking leadership of floor sweeping.

Such leadership might entail: takingrepparttar 105630 initiative to order and manage supplies; evaluatingrepparttar 105631 job results and raising those results to ever higher levels; having floor sweeping be an integral part ofrepparttar 105632 general cleaning policy; hiring, training, developing other floor sweepers; instilling a "floor sweeping esprit"that can be manifested in training; special uniforms and insignias; behavior, etc.; setting floor sweeping strategy and goals.

Otherwise, in a "doing" mode, one simply pushes a broom.

You may say, "Listen, Brent, a job is a job is a job. This leadership thing is making too much of not much!"

Could be. But my point is that applying leadership to a task changesrepparttar 105633 expectations ofrepparttar 105634 task. It even changesrepparttar 105635 task itself. Think of it, when we ourselves are challenged to lead and not simply do, our world is, I submit, changed. Furthermore, though you may order people to do a job, you can't order anybody to take leadership of it. It's their choice whether they take it or not.

This is whererepparttar 105636 Leadership Talk comes in. Using it, you set uprepparttar 105637 environment in which they make that choice.

The Leadership Talk is not onlyrepparttar 105638 most important way to get cause leaders; it isrepparttar 105639 only way to get them on a consistent basis.

Inrepparttar 105640 final part of this three part series, I'll show you how to develop and deliver a great Leadership Talks.

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The author of 23 books, Brent Filson's recent books are, THE LEADERSHIP TALK: THE GREATEST LEADERSHIP TOOL and 101 WAYS TO GIVE GREAT LEADERSHIP TALKS. Sign up for his free leadership e-zine and get a free white paper: "49 Ways To Turn Action Into Results," at For more on the Leadership Talk:

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