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Since there are literally thousands of these debt management companies out there, how does one go about choosingrepparttar right one? In addition to using a non-profit agency, check factors likerepparttar 148540 company’s Better Business Bureau report, are they accredited by a nationally recognized certifying agency such as ISO or COA, are their counselors certified as well, how long have they been in business and word of mouth recommendations. Another consideration is whether to use one ofrepparttar 148541 local community funded agencies or a private one. Althoughrepparttar 148542 local agencies haverepparttar 148543 advantage of being able to meet you face to face, due to limited budgets they can lackrepparttar 148544 expertise of private companies as they are often staffed predominately by volunteers and don’t offerrepparttar 148545 array of modern on-line and technological services which today’s consumers deserve and most large creditors demand in order to extendrepparttar 148546 debtor their most favorable terms. Moreover, many locals encumber their clients with restrictive guidelines, going as far as limitingrepparttar 148547 number of haircuts you can get or movies you can view.

If you have reachedrepparttar 148548 point where you are transferring balances just to keep afloat, making minimum payments and getting nowhere or getting harassed by creditors and view bankruptcy or settlements with your creditors as both far too damaging and morally unacceptable, you may want to consider contacting a reputable credit counseling/debt management organization. A good starting place besidesrepparttar 148549 BBB, would be one ofrepparttar 148550 debt management organizations that belong torepparttar 148551 American Association of Debt Management Organizations (AADMO). Most of all, don’t despair! Help is out there, just do your homework and choose wisely. Withrepparttar 148552 right agency to guide you combined with a true commitment to getting out of debt once and for all, there is indeed light atrepparttar 148553 end ofrepparttar 148554 tunnel.

The Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc provides web-based education and personalized consumer credit counseling to clients and the general public in an effort to help consumers use credit wisely. Visit us at

New Home Loan - Understand The Various Types Of Mortgage Lenders

Written by Carrie Reeder

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Savings and Loan

Half ofrepparttar mortgage loans inrepparttar 148539 United States are made by local savings and loans. If you belong to one, be sure to check their rates—they’re likely very good.

Government Loans

A lot of people falsely believe thatrepparttar 148540 government is inrepparttar 148541 business of making mortgage loans—they’re not. But they do “back” certain loans, which makerepparttar 148542 lenders more apt to extend them. Forrepparttar 148543 best information on government backed loans, talk to your local banker.

There are also many mortgage companies online that can help you find direct mortgage lenders and home loan brokers that will best suit your needs. This is a quick way to find a good mortgage loan and compare rates and offers from multiple lenders. When lenders compete for your business, it works to your advantage. To view our list of these recommended online mortgage companies, visit this page: Recommended Online Home Mortgage Lenders.

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