Written by Craig Lock

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There is sometimes a small fee payable. Always acknowledge repparttar sources of your quotations - then you've kept your word, your side ofrepparttar 108202 "bargain".

Also keep copies of your correspondence inrepparttar 108203 event of an unlikely dispute.

Now a bit for Kiwis (and Brits)...

No one can reproduce your work without your permission. New Zealand law closely follows British law. In NZ copyright is usually protected for 50 years afterrepparttar 108204 author's death. If a book is published posthumously (nice long word that), copyright extends for 75 years afterrepparttar 108205 time ofrepparttar 108206 author's death. After thatrepparttar 108207 work can be freely used by anyone. No hope for me then... but perhaps my great great grand- children!

As from 1989, New Zealand copyright law requires 3 copies of every NZ publication to go torepparttar 108208 National Library in Wellington. One of which goes torepparttar 108209 Alexander Turnbull Library, one torepparttar 108210 National Library for bibliographical pur- poses, whilerepparttar 108211 third is kept atrepparttar 108212 Parliamentary Library in repparttar 108213 capital in Wellington. Sometimes a publisher might want copyright in exchange for a fee. My advice: It's your work of art. So always retain your copyright... unless you are in dire financial straits, like this aspiring (and perspiring) writer. *

Inrepparttar 108214 next lesson (and article) we will look atrepparttar 108215 subject of plagiarism . Wow, that's a big word and I hope I spelt it cor- rectly (especially for you "slick Americans")!

No , I don't mind you using my material and I feel, it may be very hard for another "writer" to closely copy my rather "wacky style of hopefully informing and entertaining atrepparttar 108216 same time".

Anyway, isn't "imitationrepparttar 108217 sincerest form of flattery"?

Craig Lock is an author of numerous books and the creator of the ORIGINAL online creative writing course.

Why Good Copywriting Matters

Written by Amrit Hallan

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The message that tells your customer about you and your product in a voice and tone that reaches deep.

The message that laysrepparttar bricks ofrepparttar 108201 foundation on whichrepparttar 108202 wall of trust is built.

Atrepparttar 108203 core of your business success isrepparttar 108204 copy content of your message.

So what sort of copy is that?

The one that touchesrepparttar 108205 right nerve of your customer or client. The one that tells your customer that you and your product can be trusted. The one that makesrepparttar 108206 customer eager to do business with you. The one that talks to your customers as if you are talking to them directly. The one that tells your customers exactly what they should know to arrive at an educated decision. The one that elevates your customers torepparttar 108207 level of clouds so that they see your world withrepparttar 108208 colors of a rainbow.

Ok,repparttar 108209 last one sounds a bit unrealistic but you get what I mean.

Are there hard and fast rules for professional copywriting? Not at all. I often say that I can read betweenrepparttar 108210 lines -repparttar 108211 words,repparttar 108212 commas,repparttar 108213 full-stops andrepparttar 108214 phrases - and make out what sort of personrepparttar 108215 writer is. We all have this quality, and we all go through such an awareness, but all happens inrepparttar 108216 subconscious. Your business needs a copywriter who can tap into that subconscious.

Amrit Hallan is a freelance copywriter, copy editor and a writer. He also optimizes web page content for higher Search Engine ranking. Read his weekly essays and articles by subscribing to For Copywriting and Copy Editing Services, visit:

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