CONstructs: -Hallucination, Hypnosis and the Hexham Heads -#2

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Matters did not end there, for several days later she and her husband,repparttar archaeologist Richard Feacham, returned home together inrepparttar 145790 early evening from a visit to London to find their teenage daughter, Berenice, already home from school but in a state of considerable distress. It was with some difficulty that they managed to persuade her to explain why, and her story suddenly threwrepparttar 145791 events ofrepparttar 145792 earlier night into a grim and sinister pattern.

As Berenice eventually recounted, she had returned torepparttar 145793 empty house at 4 p.m. and openedrepparttar 145794 front door with her key. As it swung open she saw something large, dark and inhuman rushing downrepparttar 145795 stairs (which facedrepparttar 145796 doorway) toward her. Half way down it had suddenly stopped and vaulted overrepparttar 145797 banisters, landing with a soft thud like a heavy animal with thickly padded feet…

After these unnerving incidents there were several other sightings ofrepparttar 145798 creature, whichrepparttar 145799 family all described as half wolf, half man, black as a shadow and over six feet tall,… and always with a great deal of noise. Anne Ross was emphatic thatrepparttar 145800 creature was almost palpable, not a lurking shadow seen fromrepparttar 145801 corner of an eye, and was usually seen or heard by several members ofrepparttar 145802 family atrepparttar 145803 same time. Even whenrepparttar 145804 creature was not in evidence there seemed to be a cold presence and a sense of evil inrepparttar 145805 house… It was only when Anne Ross made enquiries aboutrepparttar 145806 finding ofrepparttar 145807 heads that she learned to her amazement that a similar creature had been sighted when they were discovered inrepparttar 145808 garden ofrepparttar 145809 council house……

When cleaned, both heads were seen to be aboutrepparttar 145810 size of a small tangerine. Both were very dense and heavy, but each had a very distinct appearance. The first head had a vaguely skull-like appearance withrepparttar 145811 carved lines and pits of features only faint and vestigial. Nevertheless, its features were vaguely masculine, if gaunt and bony, and were crowned by a typically Celtic hairstyle with faint stripes running from front to back onrepparttar 145812 crown. The carved stone itself was greenish grey and glistened with quartz crystals.

The second head was more rounded and infinitely more expressive. The features were those of a formidable old wall-eyed woman with a strong beaked nose with hair combed severely backwards offrepparttar 145813 forehead into a bun. Unlikerepparttar 145814 skull-headrepparttar 145815 old woman, or hag, showed traces of red or yellow pigment onrepparttar 145816 hair.” (2)

Notes: 1) Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, 2nd Ed., Vol. 1, A-G, ed. by Leslie A. Shepard, Gale Research Co., Detroit, includes major use of Lewis Spence's work as well as Nandoor Fodor.PR.285. 2) The Secret Language of Stone, by Don Robins, Ph.D., Rider, London, 1988 pgs. 4-9.

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CONstructs: -Hallucination, Hypnosis and the Hexham Heads

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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So far,repparttar mystery of crystal vision is no mystery at all. Butrepparttar 145789 remarkable frequency with which, according to reliable witnesses, visions seen inrepparttar 145790 crystal have tallied with events happening elsewhere atrepparttar 145791 same moment, or even with future events, is a fact for which science has not yet found an adequate explanation.

It has been suggested that if telepathy operates with greater freedom duringrepparttar 145792 hypnotic state, so it may be also withrepparttar 145793 self-induced hypnosis of crystal gazing. And this, though it cannot be said to coverrepparttar 145794 entire ground, is perhaps, onrepparttar 145795 whole,repparttar 145796 best explanation yet offered.” (1)

Some crystal balls do not work well, if at all. The Bavarian area ofrepparttar 145797 world had a lot of alchemists in Prague with Rudolf andrepparttar 145798 crystal balls from that region arerepparttar 145799 best according to knowledgeable sources I studied with. There could be a connection and I have a couple of theories as to why this isrepparttar 145800 case that I won’t put forward at this juncture. Because ofrepparttar 145801 present science including knowledge of Free Energy and other cosmogonic or physical studies done since 1984, whenrepparttar 145802 above quote was written; there is a great deal more we can speculate about in these regards; without seeming as ridiculous to those who follow scientific advances. The 300 X speed of light proof is most important to all paranormal research. They used cesium gas but inrepparttar 145803 past, quartz wasrepparttar 145804 possessor ofrepparttar 145805 most effective harmonic lattice in nature.

I often quote The Wonder Child by Peter Lorie et. al. They have broachedrepparttar 145806 subject of a Cosmic Thought Field andrepparttar 145807 Thalami research that is bringing more credibility torepparttar 145808 importance ofrepparttar 145809 Pineal or ‘Third Eye’ that appears onrepparttar 145810 US dollar bill on top ofrepparttar 145811 Pyramid. This gland or part ofrepparttar 145812 functioning that our brain physiology allows to createrepparttar 145813 kinds of benefits psychics or mystics report as ‘tapping in’, ‘direct cognition’(MacDari) and its akashic or other contacts is most relevant to understanding what really was involved inrepparttar 145814 magic or worship that went on in Neolithic and earlier human cultures. These researches have military and other government programs that all people must learn about. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has tried to table a Bill to stoprepparttar 145815 implementation of psy-ops or Non-Lethal Weapons in SDI or space based programs. I applaud his intentions and hope we don’t allow our leaders or bureaucracies to ever getrepparttar 145816 ability to ‘psychocivilize’ mankind without proper oversight. Project Phoenix is an umbrella designation fromrepparttar 145817 days of von Neumann that people might want to research along withrepparttar 145818 work of Persinger, Bearden and Delgado.

‘A New Theory Linking Stones and Crystals With Psychic Phenomena’

This is a sub-title ofrepparttar 145819 work of Dr. Don Robins who authored The Secret Language of Stone. He does a lot of excellent and well-respected work including work withrepparttar 145820 Getty Institute and London’s archaeological establishment. His doctorate in solid state chemistry allows us to listen more closely to what otherwise would be best seen inrepparttar 145821 annals of science fiction. His work in developing electron spin resonance equipment has enabled us to do things likerepparttar 145822 recent dating of refined drugs inrepparttar 145823 camps of Neanderthals back to 90,000 years ago. In my first encounters with his work on The Dragon Project, I knew there was much more I needed to learn; in order to understand concepts or systems like feng shui and ley lines. We will explore these things inrepparttar 145824 words of other authors, but first I must present a lot of Dr. Robins’ efforts. I am hopeful or near certain thatrepparttar 145825 reader will agreerepparttar 145826 apparent mystical aspects of this book are warranted if we are ever to understandrepparttar 145827 genesis of our culture andrepparttar 145828 people who lived in Neolithic time and before.

He introduces us torepparttar 145829 fuller appreciation of a chasm that separates our present paradigm fromrepparttar 145830 spiritual one that existed until very recently in large parts ofrepparttar 145831 world. It opensrepparttar 145832 doors wide, to make us appreciaterepparttar 145833 manifesting nature of energy and our part in what Bucky Fuller dubbed ‘creative realization’. It is not all a bed of roses as we see him deal withrepparttar 145834 Hexham Heads. The ether that is all around us has coalescing energy and/or consciousnesses that can pass from object or mind and back torepparttar 145835 other. The ritualistic or other conditions to imbue these energies with a purpose is what may be involved in this most extraordinary case that I think is similar torepparttar 145836 Mothman in respect of localized elemental force entities. It might even prove to have some connection withrepparttar 145837 knowledge encoding process that our genetic make up includes.

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