Written by Oscar Bruce

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What radical transformation, then, would it take to reshape a shy person into an extroverted, socially adept one? Where can you learn to meet and greet any and all encounters skillfully and with confidence?

First realize that advanced language skills are but subtle elaboration's or enhancement of what we already know and do, yet of a somewhat higher order. Additional examples include listening, picking up on nonverbal cues, and having a sense ofrepparttar other individual's personal space. Finally,repparttar 124095 high- arts - being able to start a conversation with a total stranger, knowing when to wait and when to act.

IT IS OUR NATURE as human beings to seek affiliation, to make friends. But sometimes it can be hard for a person to reach out and create conversation. Most people want to like, want to love, want to connect, but they are afraid. Things get inrepparttar 124096 way of their innate desire; things like FEAR OF REJECTION or uncertainty about WHAT TO SAY FIRST.

The start of a great relationships starts with "a great opening line." It knowing what to say first and how to sustainrepparttar 124097 conversation that gets attention and BUILDS CONFIDENCE.

TRUE AND LASTING PERSONAL CONFIDENCE flows fromrepparttar 124098 knowledge and certainty that you will function skillfully and convincingly while at ease, in all social or business encounters. What helps shapes your fate is your ability to stand your ground in any confrontation,repparttar 124099 knowledge that you will always prevail.

Self-confidence will also grow as you depend less on fortuitous happenstance, on wishing and hoping - and instead as a consequence of clarity of purpose. You will become a stronger person as you see yourself acquiring and applying new language skills.

Oscar Bruce helps people upgrade their conversation skills. His books are considered the filed-manuals for getting through life unscathed and undefeated. He freely shares many useful techniques at Mr. Bruce can be contacted at PO Box 725, Burnet,TX 78611 Telephone 512-715-0157

An Apple A Day....

Written by Dave Cole

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In 1949 he was declared an American "culture hero" byrepparttar "Journal of American Folklore." In 1966repparttar 124094 US Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp to honor him.

John Appleseed Chapman became a success in his life and in his business because he had a passion for what he did. He was a religious man and saw his work as being an integral part of his faith.

Once Chapman was asked to describe what he would do in Heaven. He said, "I would followrepparttar 124095 same occupation as I do here."

Every orchard he planted, Johnny remembered. He cared deeply about his trees, kept track of them and would go back every year to prune and repair them.

Besides his business, he loved his customers. As he became more successful, he realized that serving and caring for his customers wasrepparttar 124096 best way to grow his business.

Even though life onrepparttar 124097 frontier was often difficult and hard, Appleseed didn't look atrepparttar 124098 hardships. His words were, "Love what you do and work becomes effortless."

Johnny Appleseed believed his life's mission was to plant apple trees. He never retired, for him tending apple trees was a labor of love.

Dave Cole Editor/Publisher Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours

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