COMPLAIN to the FTC about spyware - April 19th, 04 hearing

Written by Guy Hartmann

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purposes in mind. Protect your computer security. Speak up torepparttar FTC! You can email comments forrepparttar 132705 April 19th, 2004 hearing at

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Cellular Spam?? You bet!

Written by Arnie Jacobsen

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And, it's not restricted torepparttar U.S. In Europe things are even worse, where an estimated 65% ofrepparttar 132703 customers complain of getting five or more spam messages a week, and this afterrepparttar 132704 EU put digital privacy rules into place to curtailrepparttar 132705 problem.

In our country,repparttar 132706 Can-Spam Law is supposed to addressrepparttar 132707 problem, and all ofrepparttar 132708 providers are aware of it as well. In fact, many say they will refund any time used as a result of unwanted text messaging.

Each cellular service provider has its own policy. You'll need to check with them to find out what recourse you have.

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Arnie Jacobsen is an educator, entrepreneur, and freelance writer offering tips and insights for those interested in Free Cell Phones, and Cellular Phone Accessory.

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