Written by Patrick Quinn

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The message I interpret from this is thatrepparttar new Apple-Mac is so powerful it explodes. Not only that, it will probably reduce your home to rubble.

Oh, yeah, I must rush out and buy one of those.

Am I alone in thinking that these two commercials, despite their huge production values, are less than clever? Onrepparttar 108143 one hand,repparttar 108144 advertiser neglects to tell us what it is that he's trying to sell. Onrepparttar 108145 other, we have a product that is reminiscent of Mission Impossible and self-destructs when you switch it on.

Given all of this, I'd like to pose a question. Whenrepparttar 108146 respective ad agencies presentedrepparttar 108147 storyboards for these commercials to their clients, did nobody onrepparttar 108148 client side raise a query or two? Like: since we're spending all this money, shouldn't we at least say what we're offering? Or: is it really a sensible idea to associate our computers with explosions?

Of course, it could be that I am missing some wonderful new marketing strategy that will shortly be revealed and will make me look extremely foolish. Though I doubt it. And I doubt it because I saw a beer commercialrepparttar 108149 other day (Stella Artois, I think), in which a man on a balcony actually spat onrepparttar 108150 people below. You have to be a very brave advertiser -or a very stupid one -to ally your product to this kind of imagery. And this crudity seems to be more and more prevalent.

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Patrick Quinn is a copywriter, with 40 years' experience of the advertising business in London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Miami.

Over the years, he has helped win for his clients just about every advertising award worth winning

His published books, include:

The Secrets of Successful Copywriting. The Secrets of Successful Low Budget Advertising. The Secrets of Successful Exhibitions. Word Power.

How To Use Testimonials To Increase Your Sales

Written by Albin Dittli

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I've seen both approaches work well, andrepparttar success ofrepparttar 108142 presentation depends, in part, onrepparttar 108143 skill ofrepparttar 108144 writer andrepparttar 108145 specific nature ofrepparttar 108146 piece. But, all else being equal, I preferrepparttar 108147 first approach: to group all your testimonials and present them as a single block of copy. This can be done in a box or on a separate web page. My feeling is that whenrepparttar 108148 prospect reads a half dozen or so testimonials, one right after another, they have more impact and power than whenrepparttar 108149 testimonials are separated and scattered throughoutrepparttar 108150 piece.

6. Get permission. Make sure you get permission from your customer to reprint his words before including his testimonial in your copy.

I suggest that you send an email quotingrepparttar 108151 lines you want to reprint and ask permission to include them in ads, web copy, and other materials used to promote your firm. Notice I'm asking for a general release that gives me permission to userepparttar 108152 customers quotation in all current and future promotions, not just a specific ad or letter. This lets me get more mileage out of his favorable comment and eliminatesrepparttar 108153 need to ask permission every time you want to userepparttar 108154 quote in a new ad or letter.

7. Soliciting Testimonials. If your customers don't send you emails of praise (and many won't), then you can ask them to give you a testimonial. How? Simply send an email to your customers who are happy with your product or service and ask for their comments. Heres a sample letter (feel free to copy or adapt it):

Mr. George Drake Dear George,

I have a favor to ask of you. I'm inrepparttar 108155 process of putting together a booklet of testimonials-a collection of comments about my services, from satisfied clients like yourself.

Would you please take a few minutes to give me your opinion of my consulting services?

There' no need to dictate a letter. Just email me your comments. If you want to you can just reply to this email.

I look forward to learning what you like about my service, however I also welcome any suggestions or criticisms, too.

Many thanks, George.

Regards, Albin Dittli


Note that I am asking for an “opinion” instead of a testimonial, and that I urge George to give me criticisms as well as positive comments. In this way, I'm not just asking for a favor, I'm getting information that will help me serve my customers better inrepparttar 108156 future. Thus, I'm notrepparttar 108157 only one who profits; we both do.

If you solicit testimonials from your satisfied customers, and you always get permission to use any unsolicited testimonials that people send you, you will soon build a thick testimonial file. Because you have gotten people to give you a “blanket release” to use their comments any way you choose, you can use these testimonials in any or all of your marketing materials, from ads and sales letters, to catalogs.

Always give a list of your full testimonial file to any ad agency, copywriter, or marketing consultant you hire. It will be tremendously helpful to them when they create ads or web copy for you.

Withrepparttar 108158 wise use of testimonials you can increase your credibility. And with your increased credibility you should have an increased sales conversion rate.

You may freely distribute this article, post it to your or other web sites (where permitted), and publish it in an ezine, as long as you keeprepparttar 108159 resource box as is withrepparttar 108160 article.

Albin Dittli is the owner of, where you can get free content and your very own money making website that is 100% ready to take orders and pull in massive profits for you immediately. You can subscribe to his free eBiz Marketing Tips ezine by sending an email to

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