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3. Develop your own ezine on your favorite topic. Once summer begins to wane and people head back indoors, many of them will return to their computers in search of information. Now isrepparttar perfect time to plan an ezine, create your first few issues and begin to solicit subscriber sign ups. Not sure how to generate income with an ezine? Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how: http:/ .

4. Or maybe you prefer to write and sell books on your favorite topics instead, rather than maintain a regular ezine schedule. Again, sales for information products rise dramatically oncerepparttar 129500 days grow short andrepparttar 129501 nights grow long. Will you have yours ready by then? You can, if you start *today*. Althoughrepparttar 129502 very best guide for creating and selling your own ebooks is undoubtedly Ken Evoy's "Make Your Knowledge Sell!" (, you can also findrepparttar 129503 information you need, inexpensively, in "Your Guide to Ebook Publishing Success" (http:/

These are simply just a few ofrepparttar 129504 ways that resourceful writers can get a head start onrepparttar 129505 holiday season. For although it's true that repparttar 129506 very last thing on most people's mind in July is Christmas, you can have your writing product or service ready for them when they do.

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12 Point Checklist for Writing Feature Articles

Written by Jill Black

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6. Have you checked and cross-referenced your facts amongst your various sources.

7. Have you decided onrepparttar length ofrepparttar 129498 article? Have you checkedrepparttar 129499 length is suitable forrepparttar 129500 publication you are sending it to?

Tip: Do not wasterepparttar 129501 editors time by sending a 2000 word article to a publication that requires articles between 500-750 words. 8. Will you use quotes in your article? Quotes and antcedotes bring a story to life. Arerepparttar 129502 quotes from a reliable source and have you double checked that quotes used are acurately recorded?

9. Do you have a good lead, middle and ending?

10. Have you proofread and edited your article to achieve repparttar 129503 best possible version through re-writing your drafts to arrive at your final version?

Have you made all corrections and necessary changes, have you checked spelling (this includes people and place names) grammar, punctuation etc?

11. Ifrepparttar 129504 feature is to be visual - have you providedrepparttar 129505 appropriate photographs, art work, line drawings, or other graphic illustrations to compliment your feature?

This increasesrepparttar 129506 payment amount you can expect to receive especially if you are a feature photojournalist or travel feature writer who can offer original photographic perspectives of your subject topic.


12. Have you included everything in your envelope before sending your article torepparttar 129507 publisher (including photos properly packaged) or, ifrepparttar 129508 magazine or newspaper excepts online submissions have you given everything a final check before hittingrepparttar 129509 send button?

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