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If you have a good product of your own, you haverepparttar potential to make a lot of money. First off, you getrepparttar 109036 money fromrepparttar 109037 sale, not just a small commission. Secondly, you could have your own affiliate program and have others selling your product for you. However, in this method, you haverepparttar 109038 headache of runningrepparttar 109039 show, keepingrepparttar 109040 books, and allrepparttar 109041 various responsibilities that come with fame and riches.

There are numerous affiliate programs out there. You have to be careful, though. Only associate with those programs that meet your personal standards. The main advantage to selling someone else's product isrepparttar 109042 avoidance of responsibility and severe headaches. You just do some promoting, sell some products, get your monthly commission check, and do it all over again.

In making choices about what to do, one must consider what is right forrepparttar 109043 individual. This is why I never take seriously repparttar 109044 advise from "experts". Each of us is a very distinct and unique individual. We are NOT alike. Therefore, what works for one, will not necessarily work for another. We each have to find where we fit in and are comfortable and then run with it.

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Effective Tactics that Boost Your Holiday Sales

Written by Brian Su

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Many e-tailers have asked merepparttar same question: "my store gets a lot of hits, but I'm not making any sales! What am I doing wrong?" So many times, when I visit such sites, it is not difficult to findrepparttar 109035 problem. Some of websites lack basic details on return policy and privacy statement. It is understandable that visitors will not buy when return policy and privacy statements are not displayed. To boost consumer confidence, you should have return policy and privacy to protect consumer interests. 6) Communicate with Your Store Visitors and Shoppers

If you ship merchandise through UPS or USPS, then add a link of UPS or USPS so that you and your customers can track deliveries online. There are some e-commerce rating programs you might consider participating, such as, Better Business Bureau Online, Sites with their logos have a big impact on consumer confidence. Additionally, do not delay your responses to customersí inquiries. You may add online customer support tools such as or to your website so that you can provide immediate assistance to prospects who are visiting your store. 7) Update Your Inventory Status Online shoppers will never forget nightmares with large Internet establishments that fail to ship out orders last Christmas due to shortage of their inventories. Many shoppers refuse to go back torepparttar 109036 same e-tailers this year. If you donít have enough inventories for particular merchandise, then remove them from your online catalog, keep your website updated! In conclusion, take a few minutes to review your online store and make necessary adjustments to your current operation. Youíll be surprised to find out thereís room for making improvements. A minor improvement may result in more sales immediately. Several improvements or adjustments to your online operation may generate an unexpected increase in your total sales volume for this holiday season.

Brian Su is a senior consultant and of ( - an Illinois-based consulting firm that specializes in e-business development and marketing strategy. He also manages a popular microportal at that provides pre-made e-commerce web templates to entrepreneurs around the world.

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