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Use a hidden or latent talent Take notice ofrepparttar talents you use without thinking. Example: A great hostess never thought of being a party planner until she threw a party for a friend. The friend said, "That was so great, I would have paid for it." Use technology and other resources you have aroundrepparttar 135221 house Many people have created successful businesses with equipment and technologies they already had aroundrepparttar 135222 house. A sewing machine can berepparttar 135223 key to an exclusive dressmaking business. We even know two women in Texas who use their washing machines to run a laundry service forrepparttar 135224 crews of ships that dock inrepparttar 135225 local harbor. Put what you know to work You can turn virtually anything you know into a business if enough people want to know it too. The author of 1,000 Adorable Names for Your Cat sold enough copies of his book to start a pet-oriented mail-order company.

Good luck.

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Business Coaching Legacy: Reflections on What You Want to Leave Behind?

Written by Ruth Zanes

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Few of us haverepparttar wherewithal to create a legacy ofrepparttar 135061 magnitude ofrepparttar 135062 Nobel Prizes. But all of us can recreaterepparttar 135063 opportunity Alfred Nobel had in looking at his legacy and then taking steps to change it if it displeases us.

Most of us never stop to think ofrepparttar 135064 legacy we would like to leave. How do you find out what legacy you would like to leave? Here are two exercises that will help you clarify your thoughts onrepparttar 135065 subject. The first is to write your own eulogy. Warning! This can be an emotional exercise, so keeprepparttar 135066 box of tissues close at hand. Make sure you are alone and in an environment where you will not be disturbed. Before you start, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and visualize your funeral. Be objective. If you were to die tomorrow, what would be said about you? Look it over. Ifrepparttar 135067 eulogy you write does not please you, write down what you do want to be said about you. Look this eulogy over and decide what actions you would need to take now in order to createrepparttar 135068 legacy you really want to leave. Notice thatrepparttar 135069 legacy you want to leave has little to do with your business or job. It is aboutrepparttar 135070 kind of person you were, who you were being when you were at work, with your family, or handling a difficult situation.

The second exercise is to imagine that you had everything you needed. Write downrepparttar 135071 words to completerepparttar 135072 sentence "If I had__________ I would________________." What changes would you have to make in your life to live a life consistent with your dreams? This is your real legacy. What is your stand? How do you live your life?

Here are some immediate actions you may want to consider taking, with regard to your legacy.

1) If you don't have a will, call a lawyer and make an appointment today.

2) If you have a will, review it. Is it up-to-date in terms of your circumstances today? Doesrepparttar 135073 language inrepparttar 135074 will say anything that could be construed as hurtful or damaging by anyone? Are you giving from a generous heart or are you attempting to controlrepparttar 135075 living fromrepparttar 135076 grave?

3) Ask your accountant if its time to do estate planning.

5) Now, today start creating your true legacy.

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Ruth Zanes has been a Business, Career and Personal Success Coach since 1985. Her broad range of experience prior to coaching includes consultant, business ownership and corporate executive for some of the world’s largest corporations. Contact Ruth at:

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