Written by Jerome Dsouza

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" This seems like easy money but is it? "

This simple attitude could keep you more open to learning and quickly recovering fromrepparttar inevitable failures long enough for things to begin falling into place. Because you start off not knowing but wanting to know, your motivation stays, you can accept setbacks, you can Perservere.

For a base to build your online business, what could be more important than starting withrepparttar 117556 mind-set that sub-consciously conditions you to get-up and keep going?

So choose your Starting Attitude well.

Or should that be...

Re-choose your Starting Attitude well.

Too much depends on it.

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"Dear Bill Gates" or How NOT to Start Your Business

Written by Milana Leshinsky

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What is going on? Can you imagine writing to Bill Gates, asking for a free PC, promising to pay as soon as it starts turning profits?

Or how about a free college tuition? "Let me go to school for a year, if I learn something new, I will pay".

Now, some of these claims may be true and sincere. Many people do not haverepparttar money to start their online venture. What should they do if that'srepparttar 117555 case?

The answer is easy: self-education. That is how I started, and that's how most successful but low-budget ventures begin.

Subscribe to 10-15 different web marketing e-zines published by reputable authors, and read each issue thoroughly, with a marker in your hand.

Visit popular Internet Marketing forums, participate in free teleclasses offered by gurus, download and read free e-books onrepparttar 117556 subject.

Spend a few hours a week browsingrepparttar 117557 Internet for web sites of companies in your target area - learn whatrepparttar 117558 competition is doing.

Always keep in mind - it's either TIME or MONEY. If you don't have one, investrepparttar 117559 other.

Milana Leshinsky is a professional web developer, and the author of "Create Your First Busines Web Site in 10 days".

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