Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Children are smarter than we give them credit for. They pretend and they give life to whatever they are doing at that particular moment. One sad fact is that many of today’s toys rob these little ones from their creative playing by giving an adult’s version of actions, words, and story plots. Notice how quickly a child tires of pre-programmed playthings and would sometimes preferrepparttar box they came in.

As writers we don’t want to be childish, only child-like. There is a world of difference in these words. Seeing things forrepparttar 129637 first time in a different light and noticing allrepparttar 129638 fine points is being child-like. A small one can study a rock or a blade of grass for hours if left to their own devices. Along comes an adult and we give them a toy that is meant to entertain but stopsrepparttar 129639 imagination process. A simple toy soldier can be placed in so many different story plots and doesn’t always win. Either their sand castle collapses orrepparttar 129640 day comes to an end. However, tomorrow brings new adventures and opportunities.

Writers are professional people, this is true. As professionals we knowrepparttar 129641 value of finding ways to increase our creativity and our imagination. Pick up your toy soldier and see what today’s adventures will bring. You may be very surprised at what your own child-like images can do. Give it a try. ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 April

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Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Your work that you considered perfect was and still is perfect for its space in time. Look with inspiration at people who face graver challenges and you will find that their very example motivates you to cherish your perfect article or book and be proud of it. Today is a new day, and yesterday’s prefect book may need a little dusting, or polishing to meet your perfect stamp of approval for today.

Perfection is what you perceive it as, and this holds true for every other person inrepparttar world. It may not be one person’s idea of perfection, sorepparttar 129636 job at hand is to match your perfection withrepparttar 129637 publisher or editor who will consider it “perfection” whenrepparttar 129638 right moment in time comes along.

The only mistake you can make will be to give up and quit. Quitting is nobody’s idea of perfection and it will never be. If you quit, it is failure - right down to that last sentence, that last period. The ONLY time you fail is when you quit. Your article or book can never be givenrepparttar 129639 chance to be perfect to anyone at anytime. You wrote “The End” and closedrepparttar 129640 cover. ©Arleen M. Kaptur

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