Written by David Stoddard

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It was a year where we lost touch with some, and yet found others.

It was a year where something good happened to us at least once. But for some reason we didn't quite believe it was really happening to "us," so we let it fade.

And it was a year where we went withrepparttar flow. Didn't makes waves. Sat back to see where we would end up. Kept hoping for a better tomorrow. Tried to stay out of trouble. Got out ofrepparttar 124009 wrong side ofrepparttar 124010 bed way too often. Cried over spilled milk. Complained aboutrepparttar 124011 cost of tea in China. And we kept hoping something good would appear on television, but never did anything about it, and kept watching it anyway.

While 2001 is certainly one of those years we would love to pretend never took place or just forget, we know we can never do that. Nor should we really want that to actually happen.

So when that ball begins to drop at 11:59pm in New York City on New Years Eve, take that minute to just sit and feel it. Think aboutrepparttar 124012 year that was andrepparttar 124013 year ahead. So much is uncertain. The only things we know are what have already taken place.

So don't be afraid to have ideas and dreams of a better tomorrow. Create some sort of image or monument of your own to live up to. And if you ever lose your way or that inspiration, take out this chapter on 2001. It'll be easy to find. It has that red, white and blue ribbon as it's bookmark.

Now….. Let's Roll!

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You Can't Hit Your Target, If You Don't Pull The Trigger!

Written by John Colanzi

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The master agreed immediately.

Asrepparttar master andrepparttar 124008 stranger were measuring each other forrepparttar 124009 kill,repparttar 124010 master became baffled byrepparttar 124011 strangers odd style.

The doubts started creeping in. What is this a new style I've never seen.

As time went onrepparttar 124012 master kept noticing openings inrepparttar 124013 strangers defense. The doubts kept building.

It must be a trick, as soon as I attack an opening, he'll counter and send me to my death.

Finally after what seemed an eternity,repparttar 124014 master attacked and easily destroyed his opponent.

That wasrepparttar 124015 fateful day he startedrepparttar 124016 "No Mind" school.

He realized you have to pullrepparttar 124017 trigger without thought, beforerepparttar 124018 doubts creep in.

Give your dreams a chance. Set your goal ... Take aim ... Fire.

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing". Subscribe now and receive a bonus copy of John's new ebook, "Street Smart Secrets Of Success."

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