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Noterepparttar use ofrepparttar 136762 word "targeted"... it is a very important word. Make surerepparttar 136763 publications you consider running your advertising in are specific to your desired audience.

To achieve that you'll need to do a couple of things:

(1) carefully profile your best potential customer or prospects, and (2) carefully select media whose subscribers closely matchesrepparttar 136764 profile of your best customers and/or prospects.

Two terms that you will want to be aware of are:

  • (1) demographics
  • (2) psychographics
Demographics refers to such factors as age, gender, income, family size, marital status, etc.

Psychographics refers to "life style" factors such as travel habits, credit card use, hobbies, etc. The combination of these two areas help you define or "profile" your best potential customers and prospects.

You'll find these categories of market information covered in any "media kit" provided to potential advertisers by print publications. Mailing list brokers will outline this type of data in their "data cards" which definerepparttar 136765 charactistics of individual mailing lists.

The Google search engine can be lots of help to you here... run searches on such terms as: "media directory", "magazine directory", "business opportunity magazines", "mailing list brokers"... you getrepparttar 136766 idea. The more specific your search streamrepparttar 136767 better your results will usually be. Also, look on some ofrepparttar 136768 major web sites that serve your market. You'll often find links to magazines, newsletters, list brokers, etc which target your market. Also, don't forget your local library. Askrepparttar 136769 reference librarian to see a copy of "Ulrich's Directory" or any other publications directory they may have. [ ]

For additional information on creating specific advertising you should look to your MLM corporate marketing department for approved copy and ads. For additional information on how you can create your own ads you will find an article titled: "How YOU Can Create Advertising That SELLS! at: [ ]

A number of advertising and copywriting articles, targeted atrepparttar 136770 MLM industry are available atrepparttar 136771 Network Marketing University site at: [ ]


Direct response post card decks are one ofrepparttar 136772 best offline means of generating qualified sales leads and prospects. The MLM industry has a number of post card decks targeted specifically to "business opportunity seekers" and these are all good choices. Don't forget that, in any given product niche, there are card decks which mail to prospects in that market. For example, there are many card decks which target health product buyers, chiropractors, nurses, massage therapists, etc. For a complete list of card decks you can refer torepparttar 136773 SRDS publications (Standard Rate & Data Service) or visit your local library to examinerepparttar 136774 latest SRDS books. [ ]

To readrepparttar 136775 article "How To Use Direct Response Post Card Decks As A Market Research Tool" go to: [ ]


Publicity is, perhaps, one ofrepparttar 136776 most underutilized sources of promotion and recruiting of MLM distributors. Why? I think it is just simply not stressed enough. Any MLM distributor can get free publicity for his product or service. There are any number of online press releases services available for distribution of your news releases... some are free. PRWEB for example will distribute your release online free... and your release will probably be posted onrepparttar 136777 Yahoo site as well. [ ]

As with all other methods of promotion and recruiting... there are tricks to gaining free publicity. An article that may help you getrepparttar 136778 basics down is: "How To Generate Free Publicity For Your Business, Service, or Cause!" at: [ ]


The recruiting formula inrepparttar 136779 internet age is pretty simple

  • Build a content-rich website which informs and sells..

  • Drive qualified traffic to that site from multi-media efforts...(explore ad coops to keep your costs down)

  • Entice and Inviterepparttar 136780 visitor/prospect to request additional details...

  • Capture that visitors complete contact information... in a "double opt-in" process...

  • Follow-up in a systematic way...

SUMMATION: The lesson to be learned here is that, even though there are profound changes taking place inrepparttar 136781 email marketing arena, which affect all mlm recruiting efforts, there are also plenty of both offline and online opportunities and tools available. Inrepparttar 136782 rush to adapt internet marketing and recruiting technology... we have forgotten that some ofrepparttar 136783 oldest stand-by's are still great ways to get our message out.

This is not about divorcing ourselves from technology, and allrepparttar 136784 benefits it has to offer... it is about building a comprehensive and synergistic approach to recruiting and downline building which recognizes, and uses,repparttar 136785 proven methods of multi-media direct-response advertising. The internet and email still have a profoundly important role to play inrepparttar 136786 building and management of our mlm distributorship businesses. Using offline media and methods to drive quality traffic to our information websites... capturingrepparttar 136787 follow-up information of people who ask for additional details... and then following-up with those people in a systematic and helpful way, will result in your mlm business growing with both speed and strength.

Thom Reece is the CEO and Senior Consultant for On-Line Marketing Group... His website... MAXXMLM.COM ...( is visited by thousands of network marketers daily. Thom can be reached at: 808-929-7377, Fax: 808-929-8711, or by email at:

Network Marketing Online Saves Time

Written by Lana Hampton

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Now that a distributor no longer has to devote so much of his or her time to a single sale,repparttar money a company spends on paying its distributors has gradually shifted from sales commissions to downline commissions. That is what makes it possible for you to earn more in a shorter span of time.

If you would like to earn a comfortable income from your home office, working only a few hours a day, then network marketing online can be your roadmap to success. More and more companies are offering products and services thatrepparttar 136387 average person uses. All you have to do is build a global network of results-oriented partners and sit back and relax.

In network marketing online,repparttar 136388 work you do today reaps rich rewards for years to come. However, you need to be careful in choosingrepparttar 136389 particular network marketing online program that you sign up for.

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Lana Hampton builds her network marketing business online quickly and easily. To discover how to build your own successful online business, visit her network marketing online website today at Reprinting this article is permitted with this footer included.

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