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The angels andrepparttar Spirit ascend to Him in a day whose length is fifty thousand years. (The Qur'an, 70:4) In some verses, it is indicated that people perceive time differently and that sometimes people can perceive a very short period of time as a very lengthy one. The following conversation of people held during their judgement inrepparttar 127682 Hereafter is a good example of this: He will say, 'How many years did you tarry onrepparttar 127683 earth?' They will say, 'We tarried there for a day or part of a day. Ask those able to count!' He will say, 'You only tarried there for a little while if you did but know! (The Qur'an, 23:112-114) The fact thatrepparttar 127684 relativity of time is so clearly mentioned inrepparttar 127685 Qur'an, which started to be revealed in 610, is another evidence that it is a holy book.

The author, who writes under the pen-name HARUN YAHYA, was born in Ankara in 1956. He studied arts at Istanbul's Mimar Sinan University and philosophy at Istanbul University. Since the 1980s, the author has published many books on political, faith-related and scientific issues.


Written by Mohammad Ali Abid

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ofrepparttar pork. The meat ofrepparttar 127681 pig contains also a higher percentage of fat compared to that of other animals. Therefore its digestion is difficult. It is well known thatrepparttar 127682 quality of meat eaten by man depends on its fat. The fatterrepparttar 127683 meat containsrepparttar 127684 move difficult for digestion it is. The American encyclopedia shows that each one hundred pounds of pig meat contain about fifty pounds fat. This means that fat is 50% ofrepparttar 127685 quantity of park, whereas it is only 17% in sheep meat & in cow meat it is not more than 5%. It was found thatrepparttar 127686 fat of pork contains a high percentage of complicated fatty acids. The percentage of cholesterol inrepparttar 127687 meat of pig, sheep and cow is 9:7:6 respectively. Simply this means thatrepparttar 127688 percentage of cholesterol in pork is ten times more than that of cow meat. This means thatrepparttar 127689 meat of pig is dangerous to human health because it increasesrepparttar 127690 percentage of cholesterol in blood. Whenrepparttar 127691 quantity of cholesterol increases inrepparttar 127692 human blood and becomes more thanrepparttar 127693 normal amount it starts sedimenting in arteries, particularly inrepparttar 127694 heart arteries, consequently it causes high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and both arerepparttar 127695 main cause of heart attack which is wide spread in Europe. It was found thatrepparttar 127696 statistics of heart attack published in Europe indicate thatrepparttar 127697 percentage of heart attack and arteriosclerosis cases in Europe is five time more than those inrepparttar 127698 Islamic world, in addition torepparttar 127699 nervous tension whichrepparttar 127700 modern medicine considers it as a factor behind such diseases. It is worthy mentioning thatrepparttar 127701 predatory animals are known as canine tooth animals which has been mentioned idrepparttar 127702 saying ofrepparttar 127703 prophet Mohammed (PBUH). They are having four canines inrepparttar 127704 upper & lower laws. This is not only confined torepparttar 127705 animals, but it also include some types of birds. Birds are divided into two types, grass eaters such as hens and pigeons, as well meat eaters such as eagles and falcons. However, to make a scientific distinction between these two types, it is said thatrepparttar 127706 meat eater bird has a violent piercing claws whereasrepparttar 127707 home birds such as hens & pigeons are not having such piercing claws. Moreover, it is well known thatrepparttar 127708 normal human nature repulses from eatingrepparttar 127709 meat of meat ofrepparttar 127710 predators, whether animals or birds, except in some so-called civilized materialistic societies & in some back ward tribes as we mentioned before. All these facts indicate that Islam knows what is harmful to human beings and therefore it has made this scientific classification of meat since fourteen centuries so that to protect man from what ever is harmful & honor him by not allowing him to eat beast-like animal and turns himself into an ailing beast. Source: ôScientific Miracles in Islam & Sunna Nabaweya

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