Written by Joan Bramsch

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Learnrepparttar legal requirements, what you'll need to start, how to make deals with suppliers, where to find and communicate with clients, how to design unique party ideas, how to plan ahead, even portion information for different types of gatherings -- receptions, birthday celebrations, afternoon teas, cocktail parties, business lunches.

Remember, each client has dozens and dozens of friends, relatives and business contacts, and each one is a potential customer. Your Success depends solely on your fine service and quality food and drink.

CATER YOUR WAY TO RICHE$ will provide all you need to know to successfully start your small catering business.

Good Luck!


JOAN BRAMSCH is a family person, educator, writer and E-publisher. Her articles appear internationally in print and online. Six of her best-selling adult novels - near one million copies - have worldwide distribution. Her Empowered Parenting Ezine serves 1000 parents around the globe.


Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

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All of us have turnedrepparttar calendar page over to 2002. All of us haverepparttar 117785 same 12 months in our calendars. All of us have 168 hours in a week, 24 hours in a day. How we userepparttar 117786 time that is allotted to us will determine whether we are "college level" players or "big league" players. Which are you?

1) Do you treat your online business like a hobby rather than a business?

2) Are you marketing using spamming techniques or are you learning how to effectively market your business through various forms of solid advertising?

3) Are you putting your professional foot forward by having your own domain name, a professional e-mail address, and a professional looking website?

4) Are you flitting from one opportunity to another trying to make that "million dollars in a day" or are you working steadily and slowly toward building your own strong business?

I challenge you today to take a look at your business goals and what you want to accomplish. If you want to play inrepparttar 117787 "big leagues," then you will need to play atrepparttar 117788 big league level.

Sharon Dalton Williams is a Christian freelance writer whose goal is to change the world one word at a time. Subscribe to her weekly column, *From Sharon’s Pen,* at

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