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If marriage checkups are like vehicle inspections, then peeking underrepparttar hood and glancing atrepparttar 118086 maintenance records of any pre-owned vehicle is always a good idea. And taking a new vehicle out for a spin before purchasing it is wise plan of action. But, doing an “all points” check on one’s marriage relationship? That requires some heavy duty pondering and light-hearted reflection.

Can’t you just see those advertisements now.

-- Better late than never to examine your “wheels” …'cause you never know when you’ll need to roll right out of town fast.

-- Check those “fluid levels” … after all, springing a leak could put a damper on things, not to mention leave you with a big mess and a hefty clean-up bill attached.

-- And don't forget to inspect your “crank shaft”... on second thought, that could be a real downer -- try something easier like "spark plugs" ( see where your get-up-and-go got up and went silly willy).

So, if anyone called Cupid offers you a time-limited, “two-for-one” deal -- like a free-marriage check-up together with a complete tune-up, oil change and lube job –- I’d jump atrepparttar 118087 chance.

Remember,repparttar 118088 squeaky wheel always getsrepparttar 118089 grease. So, make sure you stock up on lots of Love Potion #9. After all, love will still makerepparttar 118090 world go round (especially when they run out of oil)!

And if that doesn’t work, just pick up a copy of “Sex inrepparttar 118091 Snow” –- it’s great bedtime reading material. Just make sure you consume it with a plucky partner who also adores a plate full of sugar-free crumbly cookies, and a glass of cold, lactose-free 2% milk.

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Special Delivery! Tips for Improving Your Humor

Written by Tom Antion

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C. Restate your point.

Vary The Types

The above formula would get boring and redundant rather quickly if you usedrepparttar exact same type of humor every time for part B. By varyingrepparttar 118085 type of humor in B, you can go on virtually forever, and no one will recognize that you are using a formula. I have identified more than 34 different types of humor to plug intorepparttar 118086 formula. You could use one liners, jokes, humorous props, funny stories, magic, cartoons or other funny visuals.

Rule Of Three

One ofrepparttar 118087 most pervasive principles inrepparttar 118088 construction of humorous situations isrepparttar 118089 "Rule of Three." You will see it used over and over because it's simple, it's powerful, and it works. (See, I just used it there in a non-funny situation.) Most ofrepparttar 118090 time in humorrepparttar 118091 Rule of Three is used inrepparttar 118092 following fashion: The first comment namesrepparttar 118093 topic,repparttar 118094 second sets a pattern, andrepparttar 118095 third unexpectedly switchesrepparttar 118096 pattern, making it funny. Here's an example from a brochure advertising my seminars:

Inrepparttar 118097 "How to Get There" section

From Washington, D.C., take Route 50.

From Baltimore, Md., take Route 95.

From Bangkok, Thailand, board Thai Airways.

Look Funnier

I have been accused of being too "corporate-lookingˇ¨ to be funny. When I'm being funny, I use facial expressions, odd body angles and bizarre comments and props to make up for my "normal" look. Those of you that have obvious physical characteristics that can be used in teasing yourself have an advantage. People love characters who are not afraid of teasing themselves. You can enhancerepparttar 118098 funny look with fun patterns and colors on ties and dresses, hats and funny glasses.

Bombproof Your Talks

Are you afraid of bombing when you get up in front of a group? You don't have to be. With proper material selection, a few prepared comments in case of unexpected problems and attention to time, worries about bombing can be virtually eliminated. As in tip above, make sure your material is relevant to your topic, and keep it short. The longer a piece of humor is,repparttar 118099 funnier it better be.

A. Saver Lines

Saver Lines are what you say when your supposedly humorous statement does not get a laugh. You shouldn't be ashamed to use saver lines. The top comedians inrepparttar 118100 world need them and some purposely make mistakes so they can get a laugh fromrepparttar 118101 saver line. Johnny Carson was an expert at this. After a poor response to a joke, he would say a comically insulting line like, "This isrepparttar 118102 kind of crowd that would watch Bambi through a sniper scope." Don't overdorepparttar 118103 saver lines. If you have to use too many, your material must be pretty bad.

B. Pre-Planned Ad-Libs

Another way to keep from bombing is to "expectrepparttar 118104 unexpected." Canned or pre-planned ad-libs are pre-written responses to unexpected happenings or mistakes that occur during a presentation, i.e.,repparttar 118105 microphone squeals,repparttar 118106 projection bulb burns out, you sayrepparttar 118107 wrong thing, etc. Prepared ad-libs actually do more than just save you. They make you look tremendously polished. Here'srepparttar 118108 continuum: A bad presenter will stammer around when a problem occurs. A ZZZZZs presenter will say nothing and try to ignorerepparttar 118109 problem. A great Wake 'em Up presenter will make a witty comment that appears to be spontaneous. The audience believes you are originating humor onrepparttar 118110 spot. You are just quickly recalling pre-planned responses.

Microphone Squeals

This isrepparttar 118111 portion of my presentation where I do my elephant impression.

Projector Light Burns Out

This isrepparttar 118112 first time I have been brighter than my equipment.

Highlighter Runs Out Of Ink I'm out of ink. I'll be back in a wink. (remember . . . "k" words are funny)

Think Diversity

Our audiences are more ethnically diverse than ever before, so it's crucial to watch your political correctness and eliminate sexist language from your presentation. Not only is it easy to offend, which will turn your audience off completely, easily understandable word choice is more critical than ever to ensure that your audience members "get"repparttar 118113 humor. When speaking across cultural lines, especially, visual humor such as magic, cartoons and comic strips arerepparttar 118114 most readily understood.

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