Buying your child a digital camera- what you need to know

Written by Kevin Rockwell

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It is also necessary to remember that even though you might gift your child a digital camera to click photographs for school projects, they will be using it to take pictures of their friends. So, look for some ‘fun’ features inrepparttar digital camera. These can include colorful background images or sound effects, photographic effects that they can use to enhancerepparttar 105685 images taken by them.

One more thing is ease of use. It is important thatrepparttar 105686 camera has a simple system through which children can easily take pictures quickly. However, you really do not need to worry about this aspect a lot because today’s children have been born inrepparttar 105687 digital era. They are able to pick up things much faster than you or me, so as long asrepparttar 105688 camera is good in all other aspects, even if its ‘click ability’ is a little confusing, it does not really matter. They are fast learners these days!

Last but notrepparttar 105689 least, isrepparttar 105690 price. While buying a digital camera for your child, it is understandable that you really do not want to spend a lot of money. There are lots of choices available inrepparttar 105691 market today. The price range starts from as low as $30 and can go up to $300. So, it really depends on how much you would like to spend onrepparttar 105692 camera. Start simple and upgrade if they grow out ofrepparttar 105693 digital camera that you buy for them. Hey share them withrepparttar 105694 whole family!

Kevin Rockwell worked as a network TV cameraman for 20 years shooting news and sports. Now a devoted fan of digital photography and video he works to gather information, tips and news for digital camera users. Oh and he loves to shoot pictures of his kids playing sports.

Don’t Scratch the Top of a CD!

Written by Adam Platzer

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Play it safe! Always protect both sides ofrepparttar media!

Tips for Protecting CD’s From Scratches: - Keep CDs in a protective case such as a clamshell, jewel case, etc. - Only use markers made for writing on CD’s. Do not use ball point pens, etc.

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