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Some links are better than others:

High PR pages arerepparttar most popular on these auctions, but even low PR pages are. A new start-up site can turn from PR 0 to PR 4 just buy getting a link from a PR5 site. So Pr 5 links are also in demand.

If you have a good site with good content you can sell text links on it. The price for a link from a high PR page is high but low PR page links are still they are in demand. The great news is that at are charging no fess torepparttar 119369 buyer or seller!

So webmasters

Some prices one can sell text links on his site for:

PR5 text link: $25/mo. PR6 text link: $120/mo. PR7 text link: $150/mo. PR8 text link: $250/mo. +++ PR9 text link: none for sale ! is a genuine service that is making a difference inrepparttar 119370 working practices ofrepparttar 119371 SEO andrepparttar 119372 everyday webmaster. Try us today it is genuinely free.

Carmelo is the founder of Work at Home is preferable to Work at Home When you move your mouse overrepparttar 119382 first link, you will find a small tooltip like description forrepparttar 119383 link. The title parameter works linkrepparttar 119384 alt for images.

9> Bold Links in bold are believed to be given more importance, Work at Home Is preferable to Work at Home

10> Prominence Some people have debated thatrepparttar 119385 higher onrepparttar 119386 page that your link appears,repparttar 119387 more important it is considered byrepparttar 119388 search engines.

Those arerepparttar 119389 points to remember when you exchange links. When you search in google for you will be able to seerepparttar 119390 important backlinks for your site (or your competitor's). Usually pages with PR4 and above will show in google backlinks and these links arerepparttar 119391 most valuable link partners fromrepparttar 119392 viewpoint ofrepparttar 119393 search engines.

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