Buying an Unfinished Home maybe Your Answer

Written by Mark Donovan

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house, what isrepparttar expected completed floor plan and who will complete it. All these questions should be answered prior to signing a Purchase and Sales agreement. For example, if more bedrooms will be required prior to whenrepparttar 100004 homeowner anticipates finishingrepparttar 100005 home, then an unfinished home purchase may not berepparttar 100006 right solution. Secondly, askrepparttar 100007 builder/prior homeowner for a copy ofrepparttar 100008 floor plan ofrepparttar 100009 completed home. Usually a builder/prior homeowner has these, and it will help immensely whenrepparttar 100010 time comes to completerepparttar 100011 unfinished space. Changes to these floor plans are typically feasible, however, it is important to talk withrepparttar 100012 building inspector prior to beginningrepparttar 100013 project. Also, inrepparttar 100014 case of new construction, you may want to negotiate withrepparttar 100015 builder to complete a portion ofrepparttar 100016 unfinished area, such asrepparttar 100017 rough framing, electric or plumbing. Finally, you need to determine who will completerepparttar 100018 work and assess how much, if any, sweat equity you are willing to contribute. In either case, building permits will need to be pulled prior to any work.

Purchasing an unfinished home can berepparttar 100019 means to fulfillingrepparttar 100020 American dream. For many, it is also a way to buy a larger home, once completed. For others, it enables them to not sacrifice quality in their initial home purchase. Whateverrepparttar 100021 reason,repparttar 100022 purchase of an unfinished home has traditionally been an excellent investment.

Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and home additions. Mr. Donovan's formal education & profession have been as an Electrical Engineer & Marketing Manager.

The 10 Most Important Rules of Choosing and Dealing With a Contractor

Written by Razmik "Raz" Vartanian

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5- Your construction loan package will include paper work forrepparttar contractor to complete. How does he handle that? The following is a list of warning signs.

a- Doesn’t haverepparttar 100003 time to completerepparttar 100004 lender’s line item cost breakdown and insists on using his own.

b- Doesn’t understand whyrepparttar 100005 lender should be asking for credit references.

c- Doesn’t see whyrepparttar 100006 construction loan lender should need to seerepparttar 100007 construction contract?

d- Insists that in his experience non ofrepparttar 100008 above are necessary and that this lender don’t know anything about construction loans.

6- Be wary ofrepparttar 100009 contractor who prefers to give a “complete package” price. No construction lender will accept that and neither should you. The line item cost breakdown does not have to be completed on every single line, butrepparttar 100010 morerepparttar 100011 merrier. Read it carefully, it will dictaterepparttar 100012 quality ofrepparttar 100013 home you end up with.

7- Demand a material’s list. You don’t needrepparttar 100014 contractor who doesn’t haverepparttar 100015 time for this. Some lenders don’t require this and when they do little attention is paid to it.

Insist on a complete list of all materials and fixtures. Go torepparttar 100016 showrooms, choose them and list your choices by make, model and /or quality. This list should be signed byrepparttar 100017 contractor and you and be made a part ofrepparttar 100018 contract.

Saying “A good kitchen will cost so many dollars per foot” doesn’t mean much when you go torepparttar 100019 showroom atrepparttar 100020 end ofrepparttar 100021 project only to find out that you hate whatrepparttar 100022 construction loan budget has allowed for.

8- As a part ofrepparttar 100023 construction loan processrepparttar 100024 contractor will be asked to provide evidence of Liability Insurance as well as evidence of Workman’s compensation.

He/She may very well not have Workman’s Compensation Insurance if he/she does not directly employ anyone. However, complaints about Liability Insurance are a sure sign of trouble.

9- As material costs are rising, payment of deposits on some deliveries may be required by suppliers and some construction loans will allow that. But be aware ofrepparttar 100025 contractor who asks for up front money.

10- Construction loan disbursements are made in stages. Never ever pay a contractor before your local county or city inspector has signed off on that stage. The lender’s inspector only verifies percentage of completion not compliance, so his approval does not mean that your local authorities will also sign off.

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