Buying a home? Do your homework online first!

Written by Jo Wintour

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Advanced property websites, such as ( have a section withinrepparttar site dedicated to local information. Their guides provide area maps and detailed information aboutrepparttar 150185 local facilities, down to schools and local plumbers and cinemas. Country guides are also provided for international properties.

Google has exploited interest towards property location and as a result have created Google Maps ( Google’s recent mapping service has received a tremendous response. In fact, mapping technology today has become so widely adopted, it could be likened torepparttar 150186 popularity of other web-based services such as online shopping. Bret Taylor,repparttar 150187 product manager for Google Maps states “''We certainly can't think of allrepparttar 150188 innovative things we can do with maps. 'We know there are a lot of things we haven't thought of yet. There's already sort of an ad hoc community out there using Maps, and this really formalizes it."

It is likely that such online services will make things easier for those wishing to get ontorepparttar 150189 property ladder; with innovations in technology stretching expectations of information provision and empowering home-buyers to understandrepparttar 150190 context of their investment.

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Why New Musicians (Rappers) Fail: Three Reasons and Solutions

Written by prof

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This problem is very common among new rappers.

Inrepparttar hood you might hear a 12-year-old kid spitting a raw 16 bars. That’s because 12 inrepparttar 149893 hood is like 21 anywhere else.

A lot of new emcees are hesitant about what to actually write about because of a lack of experience. They haven’t really seenrepparttar 149894 world first hand. It’s hard to write good raps when you don’t really know yourself yet…because part of what a rap does is communicate torepparttar 149895 listenerrepparttar 149896 personality and character ofrepparttar 149897 rapper. Still, not knowing who you are is nothing to be ashamed of.

So whilerepparttar 149898 21 year old fromrepparttar 149899 outskirts of New Zealand may be intelligent, he may not be quite sure he knows who he is, what he stands for and what really matters to him, perhaps precisely because he thinks too much.

Onrepparttar 149900 other hand,repparttar 149901 12 year old fromrepparttar 149902 slums of Tokyo may be illiterate, irrational, and arrogant, but he has already come to understand himself…he’s comfortable in knowing who he is (regardless of whether he is wrong or has limited his growth).

The Experience Factor - Solution:

Have fun, live, read, and think about who you are.

The best way around this obstacle, really, is just to put yourself into various situations, open your ears to knew ideas, learn your history, etc…Allrepparttar 149903 while asking questions, analyzing things, finding out what in this world matters to you…

Everyone gets around this problem eventually, but for many it’s too late. Try to understand who you are at any given time, and spit your rhymes in that image…amped up a few notches…that’s what makes it art ;)

3) The Focus Problem:

We’ve realized that a lot of people who are interested in rapping are simply naturally artistic and expressive. I personally have always enjoyed drawing since I was a child and could always appreciate a well-written book as well as various types of music.

Being as I grew up inrepparttar 149904 “hip-hop generation” I naturally gravitated towardsrepparttar 149905 art form of rapping. I loved it,repparttar 149906 rhyme,repparttar 149907 rhythm,repparttar 149908 meaning and wordplay…

However, I actually dove into my obsession with rap before I fully developed any of my previous interests.

There is a negative side effect or problem that comes about here.

An aspiring rapper, for example, might be naturally more skilled at or inclined to being a poet, novelist, journalist, public speaker or other type of musician. He or she might then decide to pursue an interest in rap, essentially ignoring their other talents. This is not fundamentally problematic, however…

Rap is NOT (contrary to some beliefs)repparttar 149909 same as poetry. It is poetry and more. There are innumerous factors involved in making good rap music. One factor isrepparttar 149910 fact that it is a form of music…which separates it from other forms of literature on a number of levels.

Furthermorerepparttar 149911 skills necessary to writing well, speaking well, etc…are all forgone if one decides to skip these optional outlets for expression. This is a HUGE mistake.

The Focus Problem - Solution:

Stay on track and stick to what you’re good at.

This not only applies torepparttar 149912 above-mentioned outlets of expression but ANY outlet of expression. Dance, art, ANYTHING. You will learn tremendously from these. I can’t even begin to explain how much you’ll be missing out on if you decide to forgo these means of expression.

Everything that you learn about being a good public speaker, for example, can be effectively applied to rap…whatever you learn about developing a good storyline…can be used in rap, non-verbal communication techniques you might subconsciously pick up in dance class…they help in rap…the list goes on and on.

So there you have it, 3 ofrepparttar 149913 biggest reasons why new rappers fail or quit…

Another additional reason why rappers fail to succeed is that they don’t fully understandrepparttar 149914 business of music. Our section can begin to help you understandrepparttar 149915 workings ofrepparttar 149916 music business. We’ll refrain from further detail until a future article.

Until next time, stay onrepparttar 149917 grind and you should be fine…

See you around!

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