Buying a computer? Ask these 3 questions!

Written by Adam Fletcher

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The morerepparttar memory,repparttar 148580 better it is. Make sure you can upgrade your computer's memory as and when required.

The RAM chip comes in capacities of 128, 256, 512 MB, even 1 GB. Most computers function efficiently with 256 MB RAM, though a 512 MB RAM does offer you an edge.

Hold off onrepparttar 148581 printer or a software application and other accessories that you really don't need right away. You shouldn't have any problem installing these afterrepparttar 148582 original purchase has been made. Just ensure you buy components that are compatible with your system.

3. Should you go for a branded PC or an assembled one?

Assembled machines are popular because they are more economically priced.

Branded PCs cost around 35 to 40% more than their assembled counterparts.

Besides, you can choose your own specifications with assembled PCs. You are not forced to accept a rigid component configuration. You cannot customise a branded PC to suit your exact requirements. Games:

Withrepparttar 148583 same price that you would pay for a branded piece, you will be able to own a superior assembled PC.

Make surerepparttar 148584 components purchased forrepparttar 148585 assembled PC are original. Take along an informed, reliable assembler to purchaserepparttar 148586 components so that you are not fooled by counterfeit parts.

The advantage of a branded PC isrepparttar 148587 reliability ofrepparttar 148588 brand,repparttar 148589 after sales service andrepparttar 148590 technical support. Onrepparttar 148591 flip side,repparttar 148592 after sales services and repairs offered byrepparttar 148593 brands are a tad expensive and not prompt most times.

Don't forget to look atrepparttar 148594 warranty. Generally, a warranty period of a year is normal for all major parts ofrepparttar 148595 PC. But there are good brands that offer either more years orrepparttar 148596 option of an additional payment to top uprepparttar 148597 warranty period.

Talk to your friends and colleagues who have assembled PCs. Ask them about their experience and recommendations on whom to approach. Question them as to what happened when they had a problem. Wasrepparttar 148598 individual easy to access? Did he offer prompt service? Does their computer give a lot of trouble?

If possible, meet two or three individuals before you finally zero in on one.

Spend some time on these three issues and you will be all set to buy your very own PC!

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The devastation of data loss - and what you can do about it

Written by Nick Carter

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What can be done?

Inrepparttar first place,repparttar 148313 above examples should emphasiserepparttar 148314 obvious fact that loss of data is a problem that can happen to anyone, no matter how knowledgeable or how careful you are. It is important that you do what you can to prevent fatal loss. Keeping backups of any important, irreplaceable data is something we should all do, but are quite often found not doing. Not having a backup copy of your data could berepparttar 148315 biggest mistake you make.

However, even if you donít have a backup and something happens to your storage device it may not be a complete loss. There are specialists who deal solely withrepparttar 148316 recovery of lost data and they can sometimes truly work miracles.

Use anti-virus software regularly and keep it updated as often as possible. Many viruses attackrepparttar 148317 hard drive and can be spread very quickly. Without a decent firewall and anti virus system in place this will invariably lead to a loss of data integrity.

Keep your storage devices as clean as possible. Also, be sure to avoid contact withrepparttar 148318 electric components with your bare hands. Keeping your storage devices cool will reducerepparttar 148319 risk of magnetic burnout and may save you from a total loss of data.

Virtually all of us store important data on our hard drives, withrepparttar 148320 possible exception of people who use their PC only for playing games; even gamers would consider losing weeks of saved games as being something of a disaster. Evenrepparttar 148321 most knowledgeable and careful of us will probably face data loss of some sort in our lives, and while it may not be our fault that a device becomes corrupt of was faulty when leavingrepparttar 148322 manufacturers, it is our fault if we havenít storedrepparttar 148323 data elsewhere as a backup copy. Remember, accidents do happen, so we should always prepare forrepparttar 148324 worst.

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