Buying a Satellite Navigation (Satnav) system for your car

Written by Paul K Davies

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Weather Another feature that is becoming increasingly available isrepparttar weather for a location. The system will tell yourepparttar 149723 weather at a certain location onrepparttar 149724 map i.e. at that beach location you are planning to visit.

When you want to plan a journey you will need to enterrepparttar 149725 start and end destination, this can be done in a number of ways,repparttar 149726 city, street and house number. The street intersections,repparttar 149727 post codes and a location chosen onrepparttar 149728 on screen map. The start can be done inrepparttar 149729 same way withrepparttar 149730 addition ofrepparttar 149731 present location asrepparttar 149732 starting point (rememberrepparttar 149733 unit knows where you are). There are then itinerary or way points, these allow you to program destinations alongrepparttar 149734 way. Finally you are usually presented with choices of routes with choices like, Fastest Route, Shortest Route, Scenic Route, Avoid Motorways etc some haverepparttar 149735 choice to avoid toll charges.

Fitting The units can be fitted intorepparttar 149736 car in a number of ways butrepparttar 149737 2 most popular ways are with a mounting bracket that has a strong suction cup that sticks torepparttar 149738 windscreen. The second way is a bracket that fixed torepparttar 149739 cars air vents, this method can be very good but required a fixing for each type of car. The unit is then fitted torepparttar 149740 brackets and adjusted torepparttar 149741 best viewing angle.

There are dozens of systems available now with a variety of choices ofrepparttar 149742 options available. You need to choose which ofrepparttar 149743 above options are important to you and then chooserepparttar 149744 until that best suits you or suits you price range.

You can see a large variety of different units at different costs at my favourite comparason site just type in "Mobile GPS"

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Give your PC a monitor makeover

Written by Adam Fletcher

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Aim for a rate of 75 Hz for a monitor up to 17 inches in size and 85 Hz for any larger monitor.

Another consideration for CRTs is dot pitch. The smallerrepparttar dot pitch,repparttar 149667 sharperrepparttar 149668 image. Opt for a dot pitch of 0.26 mm or smaller.

CRTs function very well at multiple resolutions, can display detailed graphics and can be viewed comfortably from wider angles.

*LCD screens*

One ofrepparttar 149669 primary disadvantages of LCDs when compared to CRTs is their limited viewing angle. When viewing a LCD straight on, it looks great. Butrepparttar 149670 screen will appear washed-out if you move your head over torepparttar 149671 side and look at it from a wider angle.

Also, LCDs are optimised to perform at a single resolution. Low-end LCDs have viewing angles of only 100 degrees, which won't give everyone crowded round your desk a clear view.

For a standard 15-inch LCD, try to get a 140 degree viewing angle. Increase that by 20-40 degrees when shopping for an 18-inch LCD.

The brightness of LCD monitors is an important factor. LCD monitors have several backlights that provide illumination. The backlights in a LCD are good for 10,000 to 50,000 hours of operation. Ensure thatrepparttar 149672 backlights come with at least a one-year warranty. Messenger:

*Making a choice*

LCD screens generally cause lesser strain to eyes than CRT monitors.

CRTs have better graphics, but they tend to occupy five times as much space.

If you are a gaming freak, then a CRT is a better option as it is best for any graphic interface.

If you wantrepparttar 149673 sleek look, an LCD is meant for you. It is widely used in banks and treasury and trading rooms.

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