Buying a New Business Phone System

Written by Jason Morris

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The Right Size System

It is important that when buying a new business telephone system, that you know your requirements in advance. Knowing what features need to be included with your new telephone system will stand you in good stead when it comes to negotiating with potential suppliers. When considering buying a new telephone system for your business, there are two major factors that determinerepparttar size ofrepparttar 147270 system you require:

Lines. These are sometimes called trunks. The number of lines a system has denotesrepparttar 147271 number of outside lines being used by a company.

Extensions. Most extensions will be made up of handsets. Though any equipment that requires a phone line is classed as an extension. This includes fax machines, modems, and credit card equipment etc.

It is important that you make a list of allrepparttar 147272 extensions and lines you may need for your new phone system. Not forgetting some users may need more than one line and multiple extensions.

With key systems,repparttar 147273 size of a phone system is indicated as a combination of both lines and extensions. For example a system that has 10 lines and 30 extensions will be shown as a 10 x 30 system.

With PBX phone systems, size is defined as a combination of lines and extensions, called “Ports”. The number of “Ports” isrepparttar 147274 maximum number of connections that can be made torepparttar 147275 phone system. These include outside lines and inside extensions, as well as any other telephone system accessories.

When planning for a new business phone system, you should take into accountrepparttar 147276 future expansion of your company, by foreseeing any extra needs at an early stage. Even if your current telephone system is handling calls well forrepparttar 147277 time being, this may not berepparttar 147278 case when any future expansion or improvements are fully implemented. A good business phone system should be able to handle expansion easily and in a cost effective manor. PBX phone systems allow you to expand their capabilities, by adding new expansion cards, thus increasingrepparttar 147279 number of ports available for use. A few key systems can be expanded byrepparttar 147280 addition of another cabinet that is identical torepparttar 147281 first.

When planning your new system it is important that you enquire aboutrepparttar 147282 potential cost forrepparttar 147283 addition of more extensions or ports. It is important that when choosing a new business phone system, you ensure expansion will come not only easily but as affordable as possible for your company.

Telephone System Dealers and Installers

Finding a good reliable dealer isrepparttar 147284 most important part of buying a new business phone system. A good reputable dealer will not only be able to sell yourepparttar 147285 system you require, but will offer excellent, guaranteed installation and service as well as always be on hand to answer any questions you have when problems arise. To put it simply they will be there to hold your hand and guide you throughrepparttar 147286 process, fromrepparttar 147287 planning and selection of a suitable system, torepparttar 147288 implementation of you new system and training of staff. Any potential supplier will be more than happy to talk to you about any aspect of a new business phone system, and offer testimonials as torepparttar 147289 quality of their systems and installation service.

It is not uncommon for buyers to require a demonstration of potential new phone systems. Any reputable dealer will be more than happy to offer a full demonstration of any phone system they supply. It is better forrepparttar 147290 dealer to visit your site, that way they can get a proper view of your existing system and evaluate your future communication requirements and cabling needs.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) specify how quickly a dealer responds to a problem with your phone system. A good dealer will offer a range of SLA’s to cater for most business needs and budgets. Expect to pay more if your business requires 24/7 support or response times shorter than normal.

Below are some questions that you could ask a dealer when looking for a supplier of a business phone system:

1. Can I have a system demonstration?

2. Who will installrepparttar 147291 system and cabling?

3. What range of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) do they offer?

4. Who will provide system training and what arerepparttar 147292 costs?

5. Canrepparttar 147293 dealer provide remote maintenance facilities?

6. What guarantees and warranties do they offer?

Check List

1. Decide which type of phone system best suits your businesses needs.

2. Planrepparttar 147294 size of your new system by evaluatingrepparttar 147295 amount of lines and extensions you require. Don’t forget to plan for any future expansion.

3. Decide what extra features you might require from you new business phone system (voicemail, door phones, etc).

4. Contact a few reputable dealers.

5. Arrange for a demonstration of suitable phone systems.

6. Work with your chosen dealer to select and purchaserepparttar 147296 correct system for your business.

7. Don’t forget to sort suitable training and an adequate service level agreement.


The purchase and installation ofrepparttar 147297 correct telephone system for your business is a very important decision. It is imperative that you get it right first time, asrepparttar 147298 functionality and prosperity of you business could heavily depend upon it. Remember to followrepparttar 147299 few simple guide lines outlined in this report, and you will be more prepared than most.

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Cheap Long Distance for College Students

Written by Troy Sapp

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Also, many cellular plans offer a “family talk plan” which means if you haverepparttar same service as your child your talk time is free within your plan and all other calls use your minutes. There are definitely many cellular plans available to you and most are affordable as well. You just need to takerepparttar 147022 time to research and find which one works for you. For more research and comparison visit Cheap Long Distance Carriers.

Toll Free Number

A personal toll free number is another option available to you. A toll free number is also known as an 800 or 888 phone number. If you are considering a toll free number be sure to ask if it is a stand alone service and if you are able to forwardrepparttar 147023 800 number to another phone line so you can answer it anywhere.

However, please note when choosing a toll free number again you are faced withrepparttar 147024 chance that you may receive a bill atrepparttar 147025 end ofrepparttar 147026 month that is more expensive than expected. An 800 number usually has a minimum monthly fee and then you pay per minute of talk time but it will essentially depend on which company you go through for your toll free phone service.

And there you have it your top three choices for cheap long distance are calling cards - both postpaid and prepaid a cellular service plan or a toll free number. Be sure to do your research and find out which option is best for you and your family that will also allow you to stay within a budget with no surprises atrepparttar 147027 end ofrepparttar 147028 month! Cheap Long Distance is just a reach away!

Troy Sapp’s passion is writing articles and educating people. His various topics range from Dental Plans, T1, Dish Network, Cheap Long Distance and Dish Network.

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