Buying Jewelry For Your Business Part 4 Buying Platinum Jewelry

Written by Sam Serio

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Items that contain at least 950 parts per thousand pure platinum can be marked simply platinum. Items that have at least 850 parts per thousand pure platinum can be marked withrepparttar amount of pure platinum andrepparttar 150762 word platinum or an abbreviation (for example, 950 platinum, 900 Plat. or 850 Pt.). Jewelry that contains less than 850 parts per thousand pure platinum, but has a total of 950 parts per thousand of platinum group metals (of which at least 500 parts is pure platinum), may be marked with bothrepparttar 150763 amount of pure platinum andrepparttar 150764 amount ofrepparttar 150765 other platinum group metals inrepparttar 150766 piece. For example,repparttar 150767 marking 600 Plat. 350 Irid. means thatrepparttar 150768 item has 600 parts per thousand (60%0 platinum, and 350 parts per thousand (35%) iridium, totaling 950 parts per thousand of platinum group metals, and 50 parts per thousand (5%) other metals.

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Three C's

Written by Mark Uptain

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He begins to squirm.

Him: "Well..., aboutrepparttar money thing, I wouldn't be coming to you if I had any of my own. And, as far as my credit is concerned, it's happens to be pretty good...I think."

You: "Do you have any assets that can be pledged against this loan in case of a default?"

Him: "Default?! Good grief, man. Can't you tell by looking at me that I'm a man of my word?!"

You: No.

At this point, he leaves your presence discouraged, fuming, or both. No one in his right mind would fund such a proposal at face value. Onrepparttar 150761 other hand, if that same man came to you (and you were inrepparttar 150762 business of lending money), laid out a sensible business idea, put up 20% ofrepparttar 150763 loan amount in cash, had good credit, had experience either at running a business or inrepparttar 150764 industry he was proposing, and had a sufficient amount of collateral to cover losses due to unforeseen circumstances, you might consider him a "good risk", wouldn't you?

All lenders haverepparttar 150765 difficult task of making future decisions based on historical information. Commercial or private lenders such as commercial finance companies, leasing companies and mortgage banks, though not directly regulated byrepparttar 150766 government, still must adhere to certain credit granting criteria. Institutional lenders such as banks, credit unions, savings and loans, etc., lend money obtained by borrowing from their depositors. Thus, they are both regulated byrepparttar 150767 government and more critical in their policies regarding lending. Regardless of whether you approach one orrepparttar 150768 other, neither one of them are inrepparttar 150769 business to lose money. Give them reasons to lend to you. Did you know that lenders want to provide money to you? Let them!

By preparing your personal three C's properly forrepparttar 150770 scrutiny they will endure, you'll giverepparttar 150771 funder a good opportunity to fulfill your request for business startup capital. There are many other details involved inrepparttar 150772 process, such asrepparttar 150773 sizeable amount of paperwork you need to prepare and gather. But, if you're serious and confident about your venture, pony up and be willing to hurdlerepparttar 150774 necessary fences to satisfyrepparttar 150775 lender's requirements. At that point, an independent loan broker will be one of your most valuable allies. Contact a professional who can walk with you throughrepparttar 150776 process and explainrepparttar 150777 details ofrepparttar 150778 transaction. Your chances for approval will become greater and your lender will thank you.

In part 2 of this article, we will examinerepparttar 150779 types of paperwork necessary to package a startup loan request torepparttar 150780 lender.

Mark Uptain is the owner of Regent Business Capital, a loan and lease brokerage that works with lenders nationwide to help small and medium-sized businesses get financing. His website, offers free equipment leasing information and competitive quotes to businesses throughout the United States.

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