Buying Jewelry For Your Business Part 1 Buying Gold Jewelry

Written by Sam Serio

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Solid gold refers to an item made of any karat gold, ifrepparttar inside ofrepparttar 150755 item is not hollow. The proportion of gold inrepparttar 150756 piece of jewelry still is determined byrepparttar 150757 karat mark.

Jewelry can be plated with gold in a variety of ways. Gold plate refers to items that are either mechanically plated, electroplated, or plated by any other means with gold to a base metal. Eventually, gold plating wears away, but how soon will depend on how oftenrepparttar 150758 item is worn and how thickrepparttar 150759 plating is.

Gold-filled, gold overlay and rolled gold plate are terms used to describe jewelry that has a layer of at least 10 karat gold mechanically bonded to a base metal. Ifrepparttar 150760 jewelry is marked with one of these terms,repparttar 150761 term or abbreviation should followrepparttar 150762 karat quality ofrepparttar 150763 gold used (for example, 14K Gold Overlay or 12K RGP). Ifrepparttar 150764 layer of karat gold is less than 1/20th ofrepparttar 150765 total weight ofrepparttar 150766 item, any marking must staterepparttar 150767 actual percentage of karat gold, such as 1/40 14K Gold Overlay.

Gold electroplate describes jewelry that has a layer (at least .175 microns thick) of a minimum of 10 karat gold deposited on a base metal by an electrolytic process. The terms gold flashed or gold washed describe products that have an extremely thin electroplating of gold (less than .175 microns thick). This will wear away more quickly than gold plate, gold-filled or gold electroplate.

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MLM Recruiting- MLM Online Recruiting 101 for Network Marketing

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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Everyone wants something FREE! Even other networkers can't say no to at least checking out your website, and maybe your opportunity later. You probably won't actually be selling anything from this website, but it's a great way to increase your leads and start building new relationships. Use them as a learning tool!

One thing you must learn in recruiting onrepparttar Internet. YOU MUST DO SOMETHING!

Just do something EVERY day. Persistency and consistency are tworepparttar 150685 best skills in Internet marketing. Continue trying new advertising methods and new websites to increase traffic. Make sure you follow up with every email you receive, offer something of VALUE to them. Tell them about a great new e-zine of yours that they can subscribe to for free or some other item that keeps your message in front of them on an ongoing basis!

Having your own website will work best for bringing people off-line to online. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, strangers, everyone to visit your website. Call them and personally invite them to check it out.

Just say, 'Hi Betty, this is David, do you have a second? Great! I need your help on something. I have a new website and I really wanted to get your input on it. I think it is something you will be interested in when you're finished will you give me a call back so we can chat? Thanks Betty.'

How difficult was that? You MUST learn to think 'outsiderepparttar 150686 box'. Get people curious. Be personal. Then you will be more effective. Your success depends proportionately on your activities and attitude! Most people always seem to find what they're looking for. Are you looking for Success or failure?

Remember, learning is a continuous process and if stop learning, you stop living. Learning HOW to effectively userepparttar 150687 Internet for recruiting does take time and effort, but YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


In network marketing, whether online and offline,repparttar 150688 Fortune is inrepparttar 150689 Follow Up! If you are going to be successful recruiting onrepparttar 150690 Internet, you MUST follow up with your interested prospects. Would you discover a gold mine and not finishrepparttar 150691 digging?

It isrepparttar 150692 same concept. So many people are afraid to completerepparttar 150693 process because they are afraid someone will tell them 'NO'. Here's My Secret: It's notrepparttar 150694 YES's in this business that create wealth. It'srepparttar 150695 NO's. You will get a NOrepparttar 150696 majority ofrepparttar 150697 time. But those withrepparttar 150698 biggest pile of No's create wealth inrepparttar 150699 long run.

How you handlerepparttar 150700 No's will determine if it will be wealth, or only a wish to be successful in your network marketing business and in life.

You are inrepparttar 150701 business of COLLECTING DECISIONS. It doesn't matter if it is a YES or a NO. Either way, you must collect them! You MUST FOLLOW UP to collectrepparttar 150702 decision, and that is where you make your money -- gettingrepparttar 150703 decision. Especially onrepparttar 150704 internet.

For every 12 No's you get, you most likely will get a Yes. Fear plays a lot in recruiting onrepparttar 150705 Internet because many folks have fear thatrepparttar 150706 results they want will not happen. You generally get in this business what you expect to get. And you generally don't get what you don't ALLOW to be in your life. If you collect a LOT of decisions, you will make a LOT of money. If you collect a few decisions, you will make a few dollars.

The more you follow up,repparttar 150707 more your check will go up! Believe it or not, over 80% of network marketers NEVER follow up!

And I bet if you didrepparttar 150708 opposite, and followed up on 80% of your interested prospects you would create an MLM money machine that would create WEALTH fromrepparttar 150709 Internet.


Less than 30% ofrepparttar 150710 distributors we surveyed had a system of following up, and contactedrepparttar 150711 people on a methodical basis they had sent information to.

Less than 10% did that daily! Can you believe that?

Andrepparttar 150712 answer we got when we asked them, 'Why didn't you follow up?' was consistently 'If they are interested, they would have called me.' Most folks will not call you back because they see that as your responsibility, and many want to see how serious you are about your business.

The fortune you are seeking is not inrepparttar 150713 prospecting, not inrepparttar 150714 contacting, not inrepparttar 150715 presentation, norrepparttar 150716 website, nor advertising (online or offline.)They all help to determinerepparttar 150717 ultimate result. But If you don't follow up, you will NEVER sign them up! If you just follow up onrepparttar 150718 prospects you have, you can triple your income fairly quickly. Consistent follow up when recruiting, screams LEADERSHIP!

How many folks will get excited about something that you aren't excited enough over to call them back to seek their opinion? The CONSISTENCY in your follow up will mostly determinerepparttar 150719 consistency in your paycheck. There is a gold mine in front of you, but you must dig. You must labor to findrepparttar 150720 gold vein that is withinrepparttar 150721 mine. It is there, yet most people walk away from it laying down their shovels and fortunes, in return for an easier way to get through life and living off ofrepparttar 150722 fool's gold that other miners cast aside. Don't lay down your shovel and accept fool's gold that only fools will try and cash in. Your gold mine is in your list of follow ups.

There is a breathing human being onrepparttar 150723 other side ofrepparttar 150724 computer monitor. NEVER forget it and you won't be forgotten. Keeprepparttar 150725 focus on them and only on them. They will FEEL that you are sincere, personal and have THEIR best interest at heart, which probably will mean they will take you more seriously as a Network Marketing recruiter onrepparttar 150726 internet!

blessings... Doug

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