Buy Vitamins Supplements: Tips, Myths, and Facts - An Inside Story!

Written by Jasdeep Singh

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Myth: Athletes and bodybuilders don't need extra protein.

Fact: We can eradicate this myth fromrepparttar society by applying some common sense. We should have no doubt in our mind that active people like athletes and bodybuilders do need extra protein in their diet as their lifestyle demands more than sedentary people. Now, even studies and researches confirmrepparttar 150345 same. Specially inrepparttar 150346 off season period, a body builder needs more proteins as well as calories. Inrepparttar 150347 nutshell, athletes and bodybuilders will benefit more from protein supplements as it will help them build muscle mass and reduce body fat.

Myth: There is not enough scientific data to supportrepparttar 150348 safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements.

Fact: This is absolutely not true. If we keep our eyes and ear open, we can find enough reports and studies supportingrepparttar 150349 benefits of dietary supplements in various areas. Every month, researches at leading universities like Johns Hopkins University andrepparttar 150350 American Heart Association proverepparttar 150351 benefits of dietary supplements with strong evidence. These studies can be read at The Journal ofrepparttar 150352 American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Cardiology, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition andrepparttar 150353 Journal ofrepparttar 150354 National Cancer Institute .

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Help For Alopecia: The Locks Of Love Story

Written by Seth B.

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space from a local hospital and working with a manufacturer ofrepparttar highest quality prosthetics that she could find, LOL was off and running. Sincerepparttar 150236 beginningrepparttar 150237 charity has received a great deal of support by bothrepparttar 150238 media and its volunteers throughoutrepparttar 150239 country. LOL has been featured or mentioned on television shows like Oprah, 20/20, The View, Jay Leno, Maury Povich, Good Morning America, CBS Good Morning, CNN Espanol and Inside Edition and in national publications including USA Today, The NY Times, People, Seventeen, Glamour, CosmoGirl, Self, Redbook, Woman's Day, ElleGirl, Child Magazine, and Ladies Home Journal. Over 2,000 hair donations are received throughrepparttar 150240 mail each week. 80% of our hair donors are good hearted children.

The number of hairpieces produced has increased significantly since its inception, from 21repparttar 150241 first year to over 1,000. LOL has recipients in all 50 states and Canada and is working towards its goal to help every financially disadvantaged child suffering from long-term hair loss.

Richard Amburn

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