Butterfly Kisses

Written by Marie Williams

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She boasted, “I just got a butterfly kiss.” (I prefer to call it a kiss from God.) I'm certain it was a gift from God. Leaning towards her smiling face, I fluttered my eyelashes on her cheek. “That’s it,” she exclaimed, “That’s just likerepparttar butterfly!” A brief moment of ecstasy for both mother and daughter transpired inrepparttar 126919 middle ofrepparttar 126920 field, and I gleaned a treasured memory to tuck away for future years.

God’s timing was perfect. Somehow,repparttar 126921 dishes didn’t seem so important anymore, norrepparttar 126922 schedule and interruptions ofrepparttar 126923 day.

Recently we celebrated her 31st birthday. She now has three beautiful daughters to join in their own dances, or exchange butterfly kisses. I hope she hasn’t forgotten.

Marie began her writing carrer after her children were grown. Altho, she did write for a few writing competitions in high school, winning one to attend Girl's State in Oklahoma City.

She wrote Christian articles for a local newspaper for two years, and has several poems published.

She hopes to publish a gift book within the year which will contain a potpourri collection of short stories,inspirations, and poetry. Marie's goal is to reach the lost for Christ.

Face To Face With God

Written by Alma Norman

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Would you thank God For all he's given you? Or make excuses, knowing That you will reap What you're due?

What words would God speak to you or to me? Would they be words of Chastisement or praise? Oh, Lord....what would they be?

Alma Norman copyrighted 2003

Married for 37 years, have 2 married sons and 5 gr. children. I live about 45 miles south of nshville. I enjoy writing spiritual poems and devotionals for my Christian group for women online. I've been a Chrsitian for 45 years and enjoy teaching children's Bible classes each Sun.

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