Butterfly - Life Cycle Summary

Written by T.L. McMullen

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•Pupa Stage – resembles a tiny leathery pouch. A pupa is also known as a chrysalis, and is a result of “pupating”. In transforming fromrepparttar larva stage,repparttar 145185 butterfly breaks out of its exoskeleton by wiggling out of their skin. A spiny appendage appears atrepparttar 145186 bottom ofrepparttar 145187 abdomen and is calledrepparttar 145188 cremaster. The butterfly connectsrepparttar 145189 cremaster torepparttar 145190 silky pad and hangs there to rest. Many body parts are visible includingrepparttar 145191 wings, abdomen, legs, and eyes.

•Adult Stage – known asrepparttar 145192 adult butterfly.

The time length ofrepparttar 145193 development cycle ofrepparttar 145194 butterfly varies from species to species and from climate to climate (Monarch Watch). There are more than 150,000 species recognized however most of these are moths.

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How to Plant a Tree

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A properly planted and maintained tree will grow much faster and live much longer than one that is incorrectly planted. Trees can be planted almost anytime ofrepparttar year as long asrepparttar 145184 soil is not frozen. However, early fall isrepparttar 145185 optimum time to plant trees. Forrepparttar 145186 first year or two, especially after a week or so of extremely hot or dry weather, watch your tree closely for signs of moisture stress. If you see leaf wilting or hard, caked soil, waterrepparttar 145187 tree well and slowly enough sorepparttar 145188 water soaks in rather than runs off.

Takerepparttar 145189 time to give your tree a good start on life. You andrepparttar 145190 next generation will enjoyrepparttar 145191 benefits of your backyard tree for years to come.

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