But isn't Outlook Good Enough?!?!

Written by Brian Vellmure

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BRIAN: "Is it fair to say thatrepparttar rest of your organization really has no visibility to what is going on with you andrepparttar 127239 prospect/customer either?" JIM: "Pretty much. I sent in a report monthly of my activity to my boss, but that is about it."

BRIAN: "How about any financial information? Do you have access to any of that?" JIM: "Quarterly we get a spreadsheet from corporate. I compare my personal spreadsheet to theirs just to make sure that my commission is right."

Perhaps some of you can relate to this situation. It is not that uncommon, but more and more companies are realizingrepparttar 127240 benefits of moving towards being a customer centric organization through a CRM initiative.

I went on to begin to paint a different picture for Jim about how his life could be made a lot easier and how he could be more productive with his time. Below are just 4 ways that integrating department silos, and disparate applications and data could improve a salesperson's life. I could expand and share a similar list about each end user of a CRM system, but I think that you can probably draw some conclusions on your own about how integrating information would help Sales Managers, Customer Service Personnel, Technical Support representatives, and Accounts Receivable specialists.


1. What if you could turn a quote into an order withrepparttar 127241 push of a button, and have it automatically inserted into your ERP/Financial system? Wouldn't that cut down on time and errors spent entering orders in two systems?

2. What if you had visibility about allrepparttar 127242 open tech support or other customer service issues that your customer had called about, and you were able to proactively contact them, instead of being blindsided when you are trying to sell them additional products or services? Do you think they might be impressed with your level of service and attentiveness? Do you think that your unsolicited follow up might communicate to them that even when things go wrong, you are truly interested in helping them?

3. What if you had access to see how much a customer had spent overrepparttar 127243 past year,repparttar 127244 products they had purchased, and whether they were on time with their payments? Do you think this might give you increased visibility to who your most valuable customers are? Do you think it might help prioritze who you should be calling on?

4. What if you could sort your customers easily by product line, and easily market to them with complimentary products and services that you offer? Do you think it might help enhance collaboration between Sales and Marketing departments in cross selling efforts? ****************************************

"An effective CRM implementation will have to be able to account for an entire spectrum of customer-based systems and how they interact with customers themselves. This is likely to include conventional personal interactions, paper-based transactions, Web site browsing, e-commerce, telephone contact or voice/data interaction via wireless technology. Organizations must be able to manage and maintain these multiple points of interaction to say they have an effective CRM system." says Charles Saunders inrepparttar 127245 September 24, 2001 edition of EAI Journal.

Outlook can be effective for managing your day to day tasks. But how much time is spent onrepparttar 127246 phone, through email, looking at 4 different spreadsheets to gather fragmented, out of date information? No wonder so many people are frustrated.

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Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend! Be sure and takerepparttar 127247 time to express your love torepparttar 127248 special people in your life!

Kind regards,

Brian Vellmure Initium Technology bvellmure@initiumtech.com

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Brian Vellmure is CEO and Founder of Initium Technology, a strategic technology consulting firm specializing in CRM, ERP, EAI, and custom Web and Portal Design.

Building a sales force that pays for itself

Written by Willard Michlin

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Howrepparttar compensation is done: For this project to be successful and actually pay for itself,repparttar 127238 sales applicant needs to be hired under very specific financial conditions. They need to be hired on a draw + commission. This means that they get a low amount of money weekly for a certain period of time and if they do well, they should be producing enough sales to repay their draw and start making money quickly, for themselves as well asrepparttar 127239 company. How this is worked out is key torepparttar 127240 success ofrepparttar 127241 project. If this is not worked out correctly, sales people will either not start, not produce and stay too long and drainrepparttar 127242 company or quit before their training is effectively completed.

The mastery ofrepparttar 127243 conversation: A successful sales person requires one skill above all others. This isrepparttar 127244 ability to guide and control a conversation. If he or she can guide and control a conversation, it is then possible to continue to try to interestrepparttar 127245 customer and be successful at it.

For a salesperson to do this one action well, an in-depth 3-day training onrepparttar 127246 basics of conversation and how to guide and control a conversation, is vital. Communication between people (conversation) have very certain and definite laws, which if followed, puts a sales person in total control of a conversation without makingrepparttar 127247 other person feel like they are being controlled!

Drillingrepparttar 127248 sales patter: Afterrepparttar 127249 sales applicants have successfully masteredrepparttar 127250 art of controlling a conversation, they now need to be drilled onrepparttar 127251 successful sales patter. If a full day is devoted to drilling them on this and they are drilled to a point where they easily and smoothly deliver their patter, without referring to notes or becoming tongue-tied or embarrassed, then and only then, will they be ready forrepparttar 127252 next step.

Get them out selling: Afterrepparttar 127253 above steps are completed and your sales people are ready to ‘hitrepparttar 127254 streets’, they should be divided up into groups of 3 to 5 people with one of them beingrepparttar 127255 sales manager ofrepparttar 127256 group. They are then sent out to find customers and deliver their pitches (sales patter).

This should be done in such a way that there is not great pressure onrepparttar 127257 sales people forrepparttar 127258 first few days. Tell them to go out and practice on any customer they find. The objective is to get them comfortable delivering their patter.

They are given realistic targets to achieve and when they flub and do not get results, they are corrected and sent back out byrepparttar 127259 person that is overall in charge of this project.

Failures: Not all will make it through this line-up. Correct them as much as possible and if they cannot make it, turn them loose and concentrate onrepparttar 127260 others that are making it. Asrepparttar 127261 sales manager you also need to work on starting new groups throughrepparttar 127262 process. Continue these steps until you have allrepparttar 127263 sales people you need to really boostrepparttar 127264 company sales.

Personnel: The number of sales force trainers required to trainrepparttar 127265 company sales manager on this procedure and help him build his sales force is only 2 people. They will need to work inrepparttar 127266 company for 30 days. One of these would berepparttar 127267 person overall in charge ofrepparttar 127268 project. He or she createsrepparttar 127269 sales advertisements, getrepparttar 127270 people in, doesrepparttar 127271 tests on them, interviews them and decide which ones to hire. This person also doesrepparttar 127272 corrections. The assistant doesrepparttar 127273 conversation-control training;repparttar 127274 successful sales patter drilling and helprepparttar 127275 lead trainer withrepparttar 127276 corrections ofrepparttar 127277 sales teams.

Summary: An effective sale teams can be built that pays its own way, enhancesrepparttar 127278 company sales and increasesrepparttar 127279 value of any business. The key to it all is having a hiring method and training program forrepparttar 127280 sales people that followsrepparttar 127281 exact laws involved in guiding and controlling a conversation.

Willard Michlin is an Investor, Business Broker, California Real Estate Broker, Accountant, Financial Distress Consultant, Well known Public speaker and Administrative/Business Consultant. He can be contacted at his Ventura, California office by calling 805-529-9854 or by e-mail at kismetrei@earthlink.net. See other articles by Willard at http://www.kismetgroup.com

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