But Why do we Cheat?

Written by Norbert Lukacsi

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Here arerepparttar top reasons why either sex cheats:

Women cheat because:

- Other man is more attractive

- Other man is more generous

- Mate is too insensitive

- One man can't satisfy her (insatiable)

- He Cheats and wants revenge

- Man not romantic enough

- Lack of communication

- Higher sex drive then spouse

Men Cheat Because:

- "Bad" Sex

- Not enough time spent together

- She gained too much weight

- She is too damned negative

- She criticizes too much

- Not enough Sex

- She becomes boring

- She is not feminine enough

The bottom line, is that men are and will continue to be attracted to other women and yes, women have and will continue to be attracted to other men too.

Norbert is the owner and the author of "Dating Variety Newsletter" available at http://www.iwantudating.com or http://www.datingvariety.com

Engaged, Now What?

Written by Patty Sheffield

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Patty Sheffield has been a corporate event planner since 1997. She uses the Internet to assist her in finding caterers, DJs, event music, limousines, and many other event services for her clients.

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