But I Want it Now!

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Instead of lamenting your current "lack" in a particular skillset: that which is keepingrepparttar divide so wide, look to what yu have in abundance and determine what is your next step.

Passion Activator Application:

Determine specifically where it is you want to be when you reach your goal. Is it that you want to be a top sales producer this quarter? Start a new business? Perform in an Off Broadway play?

Whatever it is, become immersed in it through whichever way you are most connected creatively. What I mean by that is it might be through writing, singing, painting, mindmapping, list making, creating a collage.

Simply takerepparttar 102017 step and see where exactlyrepparttar 102018 other side of repparttar 102019 divide truly lives. You may find it is not so wide after all! OR you will definitely be able to begin your progression towards it more successfully and quickly.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach. To subscribe to her newest ezine, Daily Passion Activator, the Little Ezine with the Powerful impact send a blank email DailyPassionActivator-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or via web: http://www.5passions.com to subscribe today.

ON THE JOB: Getting Along

Written by Joanna M. Carman

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If A Co-Worker Is Not Showing You Respect

There will be times when a co-worker may yell at you, or perhaps say something to intentionally make you angry. The worst thing you could do is to yell back or fight with this employee. However, you do not deserve to feel threatened at your job, and you can use these tips to ensurerepparttar disrespect stops: - Remember that everyone has a bad day on occasion, andrepparttar 102016 attack may be a direct result of a co-workerís personal problems. Try to be understanding and compassionate. You could try saying something like: ďIím sorry that something is obviously on your mind, but please remember that I didnít do anything to you and donít feel that I deserve to be disrespected.Ē You can even offerrepparttar 102017 co-worker some assistance to help them cool off. - Whatever you do, donít fight back. If another employee really is disrespecting you, your argument will be no good if you start yelling and insulting your co-worker. If you fight back,repparttar 102018 situation changes from someone disrespecting you to supervisors having to cool off two unruly employees. And, believe that will only happen once or twice. Thenrepparttar 102019 supervisor may begin thinking you are a problem. - Try talking to your co-worker. If your co-worker says or does something that you feel is disrespectful, bring it to their attention. This co-worker may not realize that he or she is overstepping a line with you. Try saying something like: ďWhat you just said (or did) made me feel like you do not respect me (or my position). Iím sure that wasnít your intention, but inrepparttar 102020 future, could you please try to be more mindful inrepparttar 102021 future?Ē You may even offerrepparttar 102022 co-worker some pointers on what makes you feel respected. Paraphrase what they just said to make it sound more positive. - If all else fails, talk to your supervisor and/or counselor. When you feel that youíve done everything you can to earnrepparttar 102023 respect of your co-workers and youíre still having problems, talk to your immediate supervisor. You may even request a meeting between you,repparttar 102024 other employee, and your supervisor to get torepparttar 102025 root ofrepparttar 102026 problem. Not only that, but your supervisor may have more tips to help you get along inrepparttar 102027 workplace.

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