But How Can I USE Emotional Intelligence?

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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Atrepparttar same time, you need to be able to readrepparttar 109379 level ofrepparttar 109380 “buy in” fromrepparttar 109381 other person. They may say they’re going to dorepparttar 109382 project, callrepparttar 109383 person, raiserepparttar 109384 annual fund 100%, buy your product, or give you a promotion “some day,” but, since 90% of most communication is nonverbal …wouldn’t it be better if you have studied Emotional Intelligence?


Our work is important to us, but our home is where we live. If your relationships at home aren’t going well, nothing at work will matter. Andrepparttar 109385 sad thing is, most ofrepparttar 109386 time if you aren’t get along at one place, you aren’t atrepparttar 109387 other. Why? Because we don’t leave “ourselves” behind when we leave for work inrepparttar 109388 morning.

This is not to sayrepparttar 109389 applications arerepparttar 109390 same – because an intimate relationship is different from a work relationship, but only in some areas. Increasing your intimacy and parenting skills is part of emotional intelligence. Couples who communicate better have better marriages, and one ofrepparttar 109391 best things you can give your children is knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and good modeling of emotionally intelligent behavior.


Walk in any office today, or any family gathering, and you are going to have people from different cultures, yes? This means you can no longer predict how people are going to behave. In one culture, you show up onrepparttar 109392 hour. In another culture, you show up 15 minutes late. In still another, it’s an hour late. These cultural differences affect our daily lives more allrepparttar 109393 time, and strong Emotional Intelligence skills are required in order to manage them.


As more people learn about Emotional Intelligence, it’s going to be important that you stay inrepparttar 109394 loop. Get in early. It’srepparttar 109395 emotionally intelligent thing to do!


One ofrepparttar 109396 most important things to understand about Emotional Intelligence is that, unlike some other life skills, it can’t be learned ONLY be reading. There are Internet courses you can take, and books and ebooks you can read, but you need to work with someone such as a certified Emotional Intelligence coach who can guiderepparttar 109397 learning process.

It’s difficult to change something you can’t see clearly – and we don’t see ourselves as others see us!

Yes, time usually brings improvements inrepparttar 109398 area of Emotional Intelligence, but you can greatly acceleraterepparttar 109399 learning curve, with great benefits to your life.


Taking an EQ assessment is a logical starting point - http:/ inyurl.com/z94t . Don’t be surprised to see that you’re better at some competencies than others. The ones you are lower in can be raised, because EQ can be learned!

©Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach, http://www.susandunn.cc . I offer coaching, distance learning, and ebooks around emotional intelligence for your continued personal and professional development. Transition, career and relationship coaching. Mailto:sdunn@susandunn.cc for FREE ezine.

Linguaphone Language Learning Programs

Written by Madhur.G.Bajaj

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Duringrepparttar 1970s and 1980s Linguaphone, in consultation withrepparttar 109378 Committee, published a successful new series which formsrepparttar 109379 basis of its current range of self- study courses in thirty international languages. The range now has over eight hundred courses and includes travel, business and children's specialities.

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