Busting Online Copyright Thieves

Written by Jim Edwards

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Second, once you know with 100% certainty they understand they have violated your copyright, yet refuse to respond or stop, you need to shut them down by eliminating their ability to do business!

Send them an email with a carbon copy sent to their Internet Service Provider (ISP), their credit card processor, their web hosting company, and evenrepparttar company that sold them their domain name.

Finally, follow this email up with a hard copy letter to each party sent via registered mail. Inrepparttar 146538 email and letter detail exactly how they have blatantly violated your copyright and you want them to desist immediately.

By taking this approach you can often just bypassrepparttar 146539 offending party becauserepparttar 146540 companies enabling them to transact business don't want any trouble. If you can show copyright violation they will shutrepparttar 146541 perpetrator down to avoid getting sued themselves.

Though not foolproof, this strategy can help you when facing down a blatant online copyright violator. Just remember to act quickly, thoroughly and don't hesitate to contact your attorney for advice.

Author's Note: By no means let this article dampen your enthusiasm for operating your business or selling your ebook online!

In my opinion there is no better way to make a living!

Your copyright is basically as safe online as it is offline. However, if a sneak thief entered your home - you'd callrepparttar 146542 cops. Well, now you know what to do if a sneak thief ever gives you trouble online!

You can also get more information about copyright law by going to http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/


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Jim Edwards, a.k.a. TheNetReporter.com, is a syndicated newspaper columnist, nationally recognized speaker, author, and web developer. Owner of nine (9) successful e-businesses as well as a professional consulting firm, Jim's writing comes straight off the front lines of the Internet and e-commerce.

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Written by mark white

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Blogs as we all know by now are a favourite ofrepparttar search engines and blogger is another high PR site that gets regularly visited. Open an account, get a snazzy title and get blogging. If you can make at least one post a day for a month then you will getrepparttar 146498 googlebot visiting you on a daily basis. Put a link back to your site from your blog page thatrepparttar 146499 bot can follow, make sure your content is relevant to your website and include those valuable keywords you worked so hard on. Make sure in your blogger dashboard that you haverepparttar 146500 “notify weblogs.com” box ticked, we need allrepparttar 146501 exposure we can get. Inrepparttar 146502 site feed tab you haverepparttar 146503 option to publishrepparttar 146504 site feed, make sure this is ticked and make a note ofrepparttar 146505 feed URL, you will need this forrepparttar 146506 next step.

The next step for now is for you to get along to http://feedburner.com and open an account. Add your URL from blogger and get hold of your feed link inrepparttar 146507 publicise section. You can also grab a little orange button so your visitors can syndicate your site. Finally, go to http://pingomatic.com and open an account. After EVERY post you make in your blog, skip over to pingomatic’s site and get pinging.

By completing these 4 steps you should find a significant increase in traffic to your website and you will get googled, yahoo’ed and msn’ed on a regular basis, this is good.

Mark white has been involved in IT for 16 years and has been active in internet marketing and web design for 5 years.

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